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Magic AB - FAQs

Updated 24 September, 2019

Please note: As of May 2019, Magic AB has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Unfortunately, we were not able to continue developing and updating Magic AB. As such, we could not, in good faith, continue selling Magic AB and have reached the operational limit of what our support team can provide. If you previously purchased any of Sample Magic's plugins via and would like to download them again please get in touch with us via our contact form here.

Installation problems

[Q] Where are the installers? They weren’t delivered to my email address?

[A] The installers are found in your Sample Magic account under ‘My Plugins’. Simply log in, click on the My Plugins tab and download the Mac or PC version; all formats are inside the DMG (Mac) /EXE (Windows) file. Don’t forget to download the manual too – it has step-by-step installation instructions and trouble-shooting FAQs.

[Q] What are my username and registration code? I can’t find them.

[A] The username and registration code information are both stored in your Sample Magic account under ‘My Plugins’. Simply log in, click on the My Plugins tab and you will see the ‘Username for plugin registrations’ showing the registered email address. The registration code is listed below and takes the form of an eight digit alphanumerical code, e.g. 12345678.

[Q] My username and registration code don’t work / I can’t register the plugin.

[A] This happens when the username and registration code are incorrect. To update them, simply log in to your Sample Magic account and click on the ‘My Plugins’ tab to find the correct username and registration code. If you are certain that you are using the correct username and serial number and the plugin still does not work, use the form to contact us.

[Q] I installed Magic AB but it is not showing in my plugins list.

[A] It may be installed in the wrong plugin folder. Check the folder to see if the plugin is where it should be and check the DAW settings for the location of the plugin folder. On PCs make sure that the correct version – either 32/64 bit – is installed in the correct directory. On a 64-bit PC this can be found at Windows > Program files. On a 32-bit PC it should be at Windows > Program files (x86).

[Q] [Logic Pro X Users] I installed Magic AB but it is not showing in my plugins list.

If you're using macOS High Sierra or above, sometimes Magic AB will not show in Logic Pro X after installation. To resolve this please form a full shutdown and restart of macOS and then load Logic Pro X again. Magic AB should now appear in your Plug-In Manager and on channel strips. Please note: Magic AB will only show and load onto Stereo Channels such as your Master Stereo Out. If you are still experiencing issues after this please get in touch with us via our contact form.

[Q] I'm having problems installing Magic AB on MAC OS El Capitan, how do I fix this?

[A] To make AB (and many other plugins) pass validation, you simply need to change the permissions. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Navigate to the Security & Privacy page found in Applications/System Preferences.
2. Click the lock to make changes.
3. Enter your admin username and password.
4. Change the Allow apps downloaded from: tab to - Mac App Store and identified developed.
5. Close the lock again to prevent further changes.

[Q] I use Windows and have installed Magic AB correctly - why is it not available in my DAW menu?

[A] Magic AB requires Windows Media Player to be installed in order to work.  If Windows Media Player is not installed you will be unable to use Magic AB.

[Q] I cancelled installation before I entered the registration code and now Ableton Live doesn’t show Magic AB in the plugins list.

[A] Try to rescan the plugins folder. If that doesn’t work then uninstall and reinstall the plugin, entering the username and registration code a second time so that Ableton fully recognised Magic AB.


Is Magic AB working correctly?

[Q] I’m playing a heavily limited track through Magic AB, and the meters on my DAW show that the volume of the mp3 audio file is peaking slightly higher when played through Magic AB than when it is played through an audio channel.

[A] This can happen when Magic AB coverts an mp3 to a higher resolution file for playback. It can also happen when Magic AB plays an audio file with a lower sample rate (e.g. 44.1kHz in a DAW session with a higher sample rate like 96kHz). These behaviours are not unique to Magic AB; try converting an mp3 to a 32-bit floating point/96kHz Wav file, now play it back through an audio track and check the meters. They will peak slightly higher with the high-resolution Wav than the original mp3.

[Q] I can still hear the ‘A’ stream when I click on the ‘B’ stream.

[A] Chances are Magic AB is not on the master output channel. Either that or you are using other channels for your mix. Magic AB works its magic best when you are mixing in the box and summing all channels to the master output, where Magic AB is the final plugin on the master output. (Of course there are other ways of using it – to A/B a kick drum channel for example, but when not used on the master channel, you will be able to hear other audio playing.)

[Q] How do I reset the default preset to load a blank preset?

[A] To load a blank preset follow these steps:

  1. Click on preset button.
  2. Select 'reset default'.
  3. Click on the preset button, select 'factory presets' and choose the 'default preset'.

This will clear all slots by loading a blank template.

(To save time, save a blank preset and name it 'blank' so that you can load a blank template any time you like.)

[Q] Magic AB is not making any sound in Logic.

[A] Logic does not allow Audio Units to emit any sound until it receives audio at the plugin’s inputs. To ensure that it performs correctly, simply play some audio through the plugin before loading/playing back one of the Magic AB reference tracks.


Problems loading files

[Q] Some of my mp3 files won’t load (PC version). I get an error saying  “unsupported file” or “Could not load file: unsupported format, or unable to access the file."

[A] This is a legacy problem. Update Magic AB to V1.1.2 and you will be able to load any mp3 file including those from Beatport and iTunes. Any Windows users experiencing problems loading m4a files/iTunes files should update to v1.2.2 or above.

[Q] I can't import iTunes m4a files (PC version).

Any Windows users experiencing problems loading m4a files/iTunes files should update to v1.2.2 or above.

[Q] My audio file has a Unicode file name with odd characters and won’t load.

[A] Unicode characters can confuse Magic AB. The quick solution is to make a copy and rename it using regular western characters. This issue should be fixed in future updates of Magic AB.


Other questions

[Q]  I use processing on the master output bus. Should I place Magic AB before or after the processing?

Magic AB should be placed after any processing on the master bus - i.e. at the end of the mastering chain. This way the sound of Magic AB will not be affected by any compression / EQ on the master bus. We designed Magic AB specifically to do this, so you can mix your track, add master bus processing and compare your track to other masters without having to switch off any master effects.

[Q] I use a room correction plugin (Arc or similar) on my master output. Should I place Magic AB before or after it when referencing?

Magic AB should be placed before the room correction plugin. This way the reference tracks will also benefit from the room correction software.

[Q] I’m using an earlier version of the plugin and am having problems not listed here. What should I do?

[A] Always ensure you are running the latest version of Magic AB. Also, check out the Update Log on the product page for all update and bug-fix information.

[Q] Pro Tools crashes when I try to load Magic AB.

[A] If you use Pro Tools V10, you will need to use version 10.3.6 and above to use the 32-bit RTAS/AAX version, and version 11 for the 64-bit AAX.

[Q] Magic AB crashes when I try to load a file while using it in a big DAW session.

[A] This is usually an ‘out of memory’ issue caused when all available RAM has been used up. Magic AB uses RAM to convert and stream the audio files. Even though an mp3 may only be 15MB, it is converted into 32-bit float Wav at the same sample rate as the DAW session. As a consequence, the audio file uses a lot more RAM than the original mp3 accounts for. The higher the session sample rate, the more RAM is used. To this end, we recommend using a 64-bit DAW where possible; 64-bit operation allows the DAW to access all available RAM in a computer. 32-bit DAWs are generally limited to using 4GB of RAM, so even if you have more installed in your machine, the DAW cannot use it.

[Q] Magic AB is crashing when I load a preset into a big DAW session.

[A] As above, this is usually an 'out of memory’ problem. This can happen when loading a preset which uses a lot of RAM into a DAW session which is already using most of the available RAM. See above for an explanation on and solutions for using all available RAM in your machine.


Feature requests

[Q] I have an idea for a feature that I want from Magic AB.

[A] Then we’d love to hear it. Contact us via the contact form; we take all ideas on board. Also, if you’re a member of a community like or then start a thread, get everyone to show their interest and ideas on the feature and send us a link. You’ll find threads on both already. We take a regular interest in them and are frequently found online chatting with users.