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Massive Patches


1. To use your purchased patches you need to make a new folder on your drive for all your user patches.

2. You then need to direct Massive to this folder so you can browse and use your purchased patches within Massive.

 Here’s how to add a new folder of user presets:

3. Within Massive, Select File and then select Options


4. Click on Browser

5. Click Add. A new finder window will open. Navigate to your user patches folder where you saved your purchase in Step 1.

6. Click Rebuild Database and then click OK to close the window.

7. To browse all patches:

Click on the ‘Browser’ Tab

Click on Sounds so it is highlighted in yellow.

All the patches folders will appear on the left side, and the patches will be on the right window.


Massive v1.2 and below use the .ksd format.

Massive v1.3 and above use the .nmsv format.

.nmsv files are NOT compatible with v1.2 and below. Massive has a built in batch convertor to import and convert old .ksd files into the new .nmsv for use in Massive v1.3+.

1. Click File then select KSD Batch Convert from the menu.

2. Navigate to the folder containing your purchased .ksd patches.

3. Select the folder where you want Massive to place the converted files. You can use the same folder if you prefer.

4. Massive will now convert all the .ksd patches in the folder to .nmsv format.

5. A confirmation message will appear when the conversion is complete.

6. Your patches are ready to browse and use!