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Sampler Formats


Copy the EXS24 patches into your Sampler Instruments folder, typically found under:

Users > [Username] > Music > Audio Music App > Sampler Instruments

Then copy the associated Wav files into your personal sample library. Make sure that no instance of EXS24 is running while moving the .exs files as this might affecting the loading of the audio files.

The first time you load an EXS24 patch Logic should automatically find the relevant Wav files. If a patch is missing files remove it from the sampler instruments folder, place it back in, and refresh the EXS24 selection menu. If it from the sample Ensure that the patch filename end in .exs - if it doesn't then it won't load.


If you are using a physical, rather than digital download, version of a product make sure you first copy the patches and their corresponding empty samples folders onto your hard disc.

Now copy the relevant Wavs (files only - not folders) into your corresponding empty samples folders. Repeat this for each patch.


Copy the NN-XT patches into your relevant Reason folder, located within the Propellerhead folder in Program Files (on PC) or Applications (on Mac).

Now copy the corresponding Wav files from the DVD into your chosen Sounds Database folder. Launch the NN-XT Advanced Sampler then open the required program.

If your computer reports an error message stating that the samples cannot be found, access the Sound Locations setting on your Preferences menu and point the Sound and Patch Search Path to the folder into which you have copied the Wav files.


Copy the Halion patches to your Samples folder, located in:

Program Files/Steinberg/VST Plugins/Halion folder (on PC) or Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Halion folder (on Mac).

Now copy the corresponding Wav files into this directory, making sure to keep the Wav data.

Run Halion and open the chosen program. If your computer reports an error message stating that the samples cannot be found, simply select 'Search in Directories' on the relevant sample keyzone and re-establish the file path from the newly chosen directory and re-save.