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Apple Loops


There are two ways to load Apple Loops into Logic.

1. The most powerful way of cataloguing the samples is to add them to the Apple Loops library, which will allow easy preview and organisation of the samples for future projects.

To do this you need to drag the files into your Apple Loops library.

This is found here:

Hard disk > User > Library > Audio > Apple Loops > User Loops > Single files.

Simply drag the loops from the Sample Magic folder into the Single files folder.

When you have added the loops to the library you can use Logic's built-in loop browser (right window, Loops) to find sounds.

2. Alternatively, to add your sounds to the Apple Loops library (and automatically index them), simply start up Logic, click on the right hand Loops browser tab and then drag either an individual file or a whole folder into the browser and Logic will automatically index the loops for you.