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The Journal

Kick Drum Layering Tips

Get the most out of your productions with these forward-thinking drum production techniques.

SM Insight

Ableton Pro Techinques

Get the most out of your Ableton sessions with these pro techniques.

The Journal

Ambient Guitars Production Tips

Get the most out of your guitar recordings with these professional production tips - provided to you by the producer behind "Ambient Guitars."

The Journal

The Making of Future Soul 2

This week we caught up the producer behind the best-selling futuristic series: Future Soul.

Production Tips

Drum Layering Tips

In this video, we explore some techniques for effective layering of drum sounds.

The Journal

Pumping Techno Drums Production Tips

This week we followed up with the producer behind, “Pumping Techno Drums,” a collection of “pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack.” Get immediate insight into how Pumping Techno Drum’s producer approaches sound design, beat production, and workflow.

The Journal

Chord Design Techniques

Take your sound design to the next level with these forward-thinking chord design techniques.

The Journal

Advanced Sound Design

Get creative with these expert tips and techniques. In part one of our three-part series, we explore reverse reverbs, meticulous automation methods, sample looping, and more.

The Journal

Analog Warmth With Plugins

The first installment in our tutorial series, “Analog Warmth with Plugins.” In this video, we’ll be looking at some techniques for injecting analog warmth into software synth patches. You will be able to follow along with any VST.

The Journal

M/S Processing Techniques

In this week's Production Tips, we take an extensive look at "Mid-Side Processing" and common practices guaranteed to uplift your mixes.

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50% Off Vinyl Tape & Drum Machines

Get half off this dusty collection of analogue and digital drum machines!

50% Off Synthwave 2

Synthwave 2

Get half off Synthwave 2: a 1.4GB collection of drum machine grooves, epic arpeggios, & interstellar synths.

Distributed Labels

Organic Top Loops

Organic Top Loops will instantly become your go-to collection for organic house & techno top loops.Perfect for adding a sense of movement, rhythm and percussion to any solid kick and snare groove this sample pack is a must have for all house, garage and techno aficionados. Sampling classic drum machines, foley, location recordings and abstract sounds each loop and sample adds a unique flavour to your beat providing an often much-needed groove to static sounding drum loops. From twisted side chained ambiences to aggressive processed drum machines, this sample packs delivers on all fronts and will provide your beats with that much-needed shuffle that your beats have been craving! To accompany this incredibly original collection we've also included over 140 one-shots perfect for chucking in your sampler of choice and creating your own unique top loops irrelevant of genre or tempo! Note: This release contains drum sounds only.

Distributed Labels

90s Piano & Organ Leads

Looking for that classic house sound? The Toolroom Academy returns with ‘90’s House Piano & Organ Leads’. Huge sequences, chords, and riffs to help jumpstart your creativity! This pack features all new and exclusive recordings that were arranged and performed by some of our top studio engineers. Perfectly capturing the essence of uplifting and emotive house music, every single piano, organ, and bass lead will cut right through your mix to help deliver a dose of soul!

Distributed Labels

Organic Ambient Textures

Fresh, vivid and incredibly detailed organic soundscapes galore in ShamanStems’ latest offering, perfect for livening up your music, creating FX transitions, sound design, game audio, adds, film and video.With over 2 hours of pristine quality recordings and totalling an impressive 4 GB + in size, the team has set to create an all-encompassing source of natural ambiences, scouting forests, rivers, lakes, swamps, mountains, plains, parks, cities and villages to find and capture an extremely diverse organic sonic palette.

Distributed Labels

Neon Future Bass

Skifonix Sounds present ‘Neon Future Bass.’ Influenced by the likes of Flume, Pomo, Snakehips and more, this pack contains all you need to produce synth-infused melodic Future Bass. With analogue influenced synths and jazz influenced chord sequences, Neon Future Bass will take your production to the next level. As always, the pack contains carefully crafted construction kits with all relevant presets, MIDI and insert chains as well as plenty of future influenced chord loops, melodic sequences, pitched vocal shots and Massive presets.

Distributed Labels


Sequential is a dynamic multi-effect that allows you to trigger different processing and synthesis algorithms in a rhythmical fashion. It features a total of 19 fine-tuned effects that filter, distort, reshape, stutter and even generate audio – all with flexibility to add gentle spice or dramatically transform any material. The sequencer has a vast number of timing and shaping adjustments, while the whole plugin stores 8 separate parameter snapshots that can be automated or switched in real time.As usual with Sinevibes software, Sequential has a clean, colour-coded interface which is extremely easy to use. With lively animations and instant responsiveness, it offers a really organic, natural user experience. Altogether, this makes Sequential an extremely capable and inspiring tool that completely re-architects loops, creates unique breaks, fills and transitions, or turns any static, lifeless sound into a dancing masterpiece.

Distributed Labels

Deep House

We are proud to present our brand new production tool: “Deep House”Get the sound of the latest deep house music with this essential collection of high-quality loops.Ready to enhance a creative workflow? This pack is all about inspiration.


Vintage Inspiration Bundle

Vintage tools from the 70s, 80s and 90s, featuring funk slap bass, classic vocals, authentic live breakbeats and more.


Nu Disco Bundles

Save at least 15% with our hand-picked nu disco bundles.

Inject your music with authentic disco flavours with the hottest royalty-free sample packs, loops, MIDI, patches and presets - all available to audition instantly and download immediately.

From soulful disco house to retro funk or contemporary nu disco, we’ve got a huge range of sample libraries expertly recorded and available to download in industry-standard formats.

All Disco releases

Disco bundles

80s Bundle

Nostalgic beats, soaring analogue melodics and vintage chorus vibes in this retro-fetishist bundle guaranteed to get you sounding like the electronic masters of yesteryear.

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Disco Bundle

Disco & Funk Guitars, Vintage Breaks 2 - Disco Breaks, MIDI Elements: Classic Disco, Disco & Swing Brass, Disco & Funk Keys.

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