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The Journal

Kick Drum Layering Tips

Get the most out of your productions with these forward-thinking drum production techniques.

SM Insight

Ableton Pro Techinques

Get the most out of your Ableton sessions with these pro techniques.

The Journal

Ambient Guitars Production Tips

Get the most out of your guitar recordings with these professional production tips - provided to you by the producer behind "Ambient Guitars."

The Journal

The Making of Future Soul 2

This week we caught up the producer behind the best-selling futuristic series: Future Soul.

Production Tips

Drum Layering Tips

In this video, we explore some techniques for effective layering of drum sounds.

The Journal

Pumping Techno Drums Production Tips

This week we followed up with the producer behind, “Pumping Techno Drums,” a collection of “pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack.” Get immediate insight into how Pumping Techno Drum’s producer approaches sound design, beat production, and workflow.

The Journal

Chord Design Techniques

Take your sound design to the next level with these forward-thinking chord design techniques.

The Journal

Advanced Sound Design

Get creative with these expert tips and techniques. In part one of our three-part series, we explore reverse reverbs, meticulous automation methods, sample looping, and more.

The Journal

Analog Warmth With Plugins

The first installment in our tutorial series, “Analog Warmth with Plugins.” In this video, we’ll be looking at some techniques for injecting analog warmth into software synth patches. You will be able to follow along with any VST.

The Journal

M/S Processing Techniques

In this week's Production Tips, we take an extensive look at "Mid-Side Processing" and common practices guaranteed to uplift your mixes.

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50% Off Jazztronica

Get half off this collection of Wurlitzer licks, Rhodes stabs, & funky basslines.

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50% Off Italo Disco

Get half off this pack with hi-NRG synths, metronomic machine beats, post-disco electro bass, old school FX and more.

Distributed Labels

Chillwave: Ableton Performance Racks

Division 87 Sound proudly presets Chillwave Ableton Performance Racks: a unique 500+mb collection of 10 performance and studio-ready construction kits. Each performance rack comes packed with glo-fi beats, sun-drenched synths, and funky bass-lines to get your ideas flowing.Note: these are not audio effect racks - they are intended for live performance, or studio manipulation and education. All kits and loops are presented at 100bpm.

Distributed Labels

Cosmic Funk

Cosmic Funk is an exploration into the psychedelic, the astral and most importantly the cosmic. Paying homage to the funk and disco greats of the past yet brought right up to date, this genre defining sample pack is teeming with soul, style, and class. Referencing artists from Daft Punk to Dam Funk, Childish Gambino to Funkadelic, Thundercat and more, the quality of recording, mixing and musicianship is clear for all to see. We reached for the original tools used in crafting those classic records to create a collection of absolute authenticity. Think analogue phasers, tape machines, spring reverbs, hardware compressors and lashings of slap back to ensure each loop provides the most inspiration available. Inside this beauty you’ll find phased and Wah’d Rhodes licks, both live and analogue bass lines, era-defining digital pianos, tape driven drum machines, live breaks, spaced out guitars and enough style to keep even the most demanding of producers happy. As always we’ve included a huge batch of over 150 one shots from the sessions that also include some otherworldly FX for extra fun. Whether you’re looking to chop, remix or arrange, this incredibly unique collection will become an instant go-to for Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco or beyond. Folders: Size - 598.4mbLoops - 240Ones - 155

Distributed Labels

Stacks - Massive Chord Presets

‘Stacks - Massive Chord Presets’ is ModeAudio’s ode to the harmonic powerhouse at the centre of any good song - the chord! Featuring an expansive set of 60 custom-designed presets for Massive also spanning leads, basses and SFX, a range of intricately constructed chord patches are the heart and soul of this library - warm, uplifting, enveloping and playable with a single key of your MIDI keyboard or piano roll!Packing in layers of finely balanced texture and tone, these presets take full advantage of Massive’s celebrated synthesis capabilities to deliver rich, vibrant and characterful sound.Presenting a full palette of synth flavours combining stacked oscillators and carefully selected waveforms with doses of spiralling chorus, resonant filtering, rustling noise, unfurling delay, voluminous reverb and beyond, this presets release has been crafted specifically to propel your House, Techno and EDM beats to exciting new places and spaces.With harmonic makeups including jazzy major 9ths, luscious major 7ths, brooding minor triads and airy 5ths, all chord presets in the collection are playable with just a single note from your MIDI keyboard or piano roll. This provides an unprecedented degree of flexibility and inspiration when you're deep within the flow of creating your next music production.As with all ModeAudio synth patch sets, each preset in this release comes with the full complement of 8 macro controls assigned, giving you quick and easy access for modifying the core elements of each sound. The pack is completed by 60 tempo and key-labelled MIDI loops, with each designed to accompany a particular preset and offering up a wealth of musical building blocks in the form of basslines, chord progressions, lead lines and more.Stand back and prepare to stack those chords tall and proud in your music - download ‘Stacks - Massive Chord Presets’ and get building now!

Distributed Labels

Drumtraxs #1

Prior to the development of the drum set, the standard way that drums were used was to have the different drums and cymbals played separately by different percussionists. A standard modern kit, used in techno music contains a snare drum, A hi-hat and one or more sound percussions like Toms, Cymbals & Clap. The central rhythmic component is most often in common time (4/4), where time is marked with a bass drum on each quarter-note pulse, a backbeat played by snare or clap on the second and fourth pulses of the bar, and an open hi-hat sounding every second eighth note. The tempo depends on the style of sound you create. Our new series “Drumtrax" offers an exclusive drum collection including an interesting percussions folder that will fill as best your new music. influenced by the sound of New Jersey, the producer gave to this sound an analog touch that brings back the feeling of the 80's when in the America, Punk rock and hardcore have played an important role in the music scene.Some of the hardware used to make the sounds of this pack, have been processed by following a concrete concept of what the modern sounds need to be innovative and unique.

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50% Off Vinyl Tape & Drum Machines

Get half off this dusty collection of analogue and digital drum machines!


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Explore our selection of royalty-free loops, samples and patches for trance and psy-trance music production. Search for the right sounds and listen to the audio demos to find the right samples for your music. All products are available to purchase and download instantly in all major formats.

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