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Artist Interview

Artist Interviews

The Journal

The Making of Raw Grime

This week we caught up with the producer behind “Raw Grime,” a 1+GB collection showcasing the influential UK genre featuring brazen 808s, speaker-shaking subs, string dabs and raw synth workouts in the trademark style of London basement jams.

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Low End Mixing Techniques

Get the most out of your low end with these five mixing techniques.

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Sub Bass Production Techniques 2

Sub monitoring techniques, synth-layering, and multi-band processing tips to improve your sub bass production.

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Sub Bass Production Techniques

Sub bass expert tips for the modern producer.

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Ableton Power Tips 2

Charge-up with part 2 of our "Ableton Power Tips" series.

The Journal

Logic Power Tips 2

Take your Logic skills to the next level with Snap Automation, Cycle Options, and Advanced MIDI Editing.

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Kick Drum Layering Tips

Get the most out of your productions with these forward-thinking drum production techniques.

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Ableton Pro Techinques

Get the most out of your Ableton sessions with these pro techniques.

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Ambient Guitars Production Tips

Get the most out of your guitar recordings with these professional production tips - provided to you by the producer behind "Ambient Guitars."

The Journal

The Making of Future Soul 2

This week we caught up the producer behind the best-selling futuristic series: Future Soul.

Production Tips

Drum Layering Tips

In this video, we explore some techniques for effective layering of drum sounds.

Distributed Labels

813 Hypercolor Bass 2

IQ Samples proudly presents 813 Hypercolor Bass 2. After the success of Volume one and 6 months of hard work in the studio, we return with this superb collection of WAV & MIDI files.Volume two contains brand new loops, percussion, midi parts and creative one-shots.Samples from this pack are suitable for genres like, Future Bass, Jersey Club, Trap, Moombahton, Tropical Bass, R'n'B & Hip Hop.All samples are 100% royalty free.

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Abstract Rhythms

Presenting the first in our musical 'Elements Series: Abstract Rhythms. Designed to enhance your productions and compliment your rhythmical work this beautifully crafted collection solves an issue that so many of us face today; how to ensure your beats roll.Filling in gaps between simple kick patterns, snares and top end percussion, this truly unique and incredibly useful sample collection of off beat tom patterns, organic hits and loops, side chained noises & texture based ambiences will perfectly sit between your grooves and ensure even the most simple of patterns contain movement, style, originality and shuffle.

Distributed Labels

Urban Legends Vol. 1

'Urban Legends Vol 1' from Producer Loops fuses elements of EDM, Pop, RnB, Trap and Hip Hop to bring you five highly polished Construction Kits with an authentic Urban undertone.A full range of instrumentation is included, from subtle pianos and sparse vocal fragments to huge 808 basses, Trap-style hats/snares and breathtaking EDM leads and melodies. The loops in this pack have applications far outside of strictly Urban music and can be re-combined in a near-limitless number of ways.

Distributed Labels

Textural Electronica

Textural Electronica is a stunning foray into the world of audio manipulation, location recordings and found sound goodness. Through painstaking journeys into both urban and natural environments, this incredibly beautiful collection perfectly add an organic feel to any composition. With sounds ranging from minimal wooden clicks to other worldly synth leads & pads, this stunning sample collection just oozes attention to detail and class.Referencing house, garage and electronica each loop has been lovingly processed and manipulated to provide something much greater than the sum of its parts. Included you'll find beautifully crisp organic drum & percussion loops, twisted and manipulated live recordings, abstract violin phrases, emotive guitar and tuned percussion hooks, warm analogue synth phrases and lush organic soundscapes ideal for all genres of music.

Distributed Labels

Desintegrate - Cinematic Ambient Loops

Rustling with winds flowing through ancient forests, as the soft patter of raindrops descend from on high to refresh and renew all they touch; pouring atop rich washes of analog synth tones and drones, themselves meticulously perched above beds of fractured, fragmenting noise, destined to fuel epic dreams in expansive sound and colour - welcome to the sumptuous sonic world of Disintegrate - Cinematic Ambient Loops!Delivering a towering, 610MB collection of royalty-free loops, drum samples, synth tail samples and MIDI loops, this treasure trove of cinematic delights has been constructed from the ground up with blockbuster ambitions, yet is packed with the intimacy, character and detail of an arthouse classic.

Special Offer!

50% Off Chilled Electronica

1.2GB of halcyon grooves, suave synthetics and organic bliss, Chilled Electronica fuses the refined downtempo anthems of Air with the melancholic trip hop of Portishead across folders packed with sparse beats, elegant melodics, smooth bass, organic FX and lush live keys.Expertly crafted from stacks of enviable hardware and classic live instrumentation, the collection spans 80 and 90bpm inspiration in Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format - bundled with MIDI files for all melodic elements as standard. Dive in, drift off and get inspired by the finest Chilled Electronica has to offer.All loops and tempo and key-labeled where applicable.

Special Offer!

50% Off Future Electronica

Fluro melodics, pop tones and laid-back beats: Future Electronica delivers over 1.2GB of cutting-edge loops, MIDI, presets, hits and kits fusing elements of future R&B, pop, trap and chillwave. Bursting modern funk and digital soul, the collection comes packed with woozy beats, glo-fi synths, hazy atmospherics and wild-style FX at the cutting-edge of contemporary electronica.All loops are tempo-synced at 80pbm and key-labeled where applicable.

Distributed Labels

Unity Samples Vol. 1

Unity Records present "Unity Samples" a series highlighting the sound of the biggest producers in the scene sharing their own taste of underground music.All files are royalty free and ready to use in your productions!

Distributed Labels


It's all in the name with this one. Aerodynamics - Extension Loops is a blissful, ethereal flight in the sunny skies beyond the birds. Rich with tonal colour, these beautifully designed Pad Loops, rhythmic Textures and Chord Progressions contain a wealth of timbres and textures to get your music airborne. It's not all plain sailing, however - there are darker moments ahead, with turbulent twists and threatening turns on the horizon.Gliding gracefully through the air, the loops in this collection cover a lot of musical ground. Whether you're into Ambient, the euphoric strains of Techno, intense, cinematic EDM or beyond, Aerodynamics - Extension Loops has something to offer your music.This pack were created using our exquisite Aerodynamics - Massive Pad Presets collection, so even if you don't have Massive you can still take to the skies. As with all our packs, all loops are marked with Bpm and key information - tempos range from Bpm70 to 140 - and will effortlessly synchronise with the master tempo of your project. We've included MIDI loop equivalents too, so if you like the chords, they're yours to sculpt!There's no time to lose - launch yourself skyward now.

Distributed Labels

Klang - Found Percussion Hits

Did your ever consider that the chair you're sitting on could become a musical instrument? Or a paper bag? Drinks can? Bike Helmet? Shoe sole? Your doorstop?! Well, they are now...We've searched homes and work spaces high and low to collect this assortment of characterful, off beat found percussion sounds. This is Klang - Found Percussion Hits, the meticulously recorded, intricately performed set of unique Percussion sounds that'll spice up even the driest of drum grooves. Make your tracks stand out from the crowd by deploying this percussive secret weapon! We've sampled a junkyard's worth of found objects to bring you some of the most inventive kicks, rimshots, metal percussion and rasps available. This Hits pack was recorded in our own studio, using some of our very own handmade contact microphones.From deep, rounded thumps, to every colour of knock, tap, flick and scrape, these hits contain an extraordinary breadth of percussive range. Subtle, delicate paper sounds can work effortlessly well as hi-hats, whilst a good pillow punch offers a completely new take on the kick drum.We've also arranged the hits into ready-to-use kit patches for your favourite samplers, as well as providing you with channel strip presets and project files so that you can audition sounds quickly and get beat making straight away.Pick up Klang and you'll never think about percussion in the same way again.

Search for the hottest royalty-free garage samples for your music, including classic UK garage, future garage, garage house and UK bass.

From bouncing basslines to brooding synths, skippy 2-step beats to pitched vocals, we've got a huge selection to choose from – all expertly produced by our professional team of sound designers.

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