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The Journal

Chord Design Techniques

Take your sound design to the next level with these forward-thinking chord design techniques.

The Journal

Advanced Sound Design

Get creative with these expert tips and techniques. In part one of our three-part series, we explore reverse reverbs, meticulous automation methods, sample looping, and more.

The Journal

Analog Warmth With Plugins

The first installment in our tutorial series, “Analog Warmth with Plugins.” In this video, we’ll be looking at some techniques for injecting analog warmth into software synth patches. You will be able to follow along with any VST.

The Journal

M/S Processing Techniques

In this week's Production Tips, we take an extensive look at "Mid-Side Processing" and common practices guaranteed to uplift your mixes.

The Journal

Sound Design Techniques

Take your productions to the next level with these essential sound design techniques.

The Journal

Video: Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits

Take a look inside one of the UK's leading mastering houses as we show you how we created our brand-new Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits collection. Cue uncontrollable drooling...

The Journal

Layered Kick Drums

Beats lacking balls? Check out our kick drum layering walkthrough.

Distributed Labels

Analog House Basslines 02

Florian Meindl's Label Riemann Kollektion presents a second edition of the Analog House Basslines series! This release includes MIDI - Made with analog gear and many evolving filter modulations etc.

Distributed Labels

Underground House

Underground House by Axis Samples is packed with deep and dark driving mainroom beats, wonky basslines, underground synths, tops, and vocals.

Distributed Labels

Roland TR-626

Drumbytes present a collection of hits from the iconic Roland TR-626 Rhythm Composer. Each sample is crisp and clear and captures the vibe of the original machine perfectly.

Distributed Labels

Morpheme By Emile

At the heart of this collection lies the interplay between sound and psyche as a fundamental theme. After all, it is conscious thought that discerns music from the world’s cacophony and this very premise is that which Morpheme derives significance from. Each sample, each unit of sound – especially when articulated together as one body – holds harmonic meaning. Bass, drums and melodic atmospheres in unison mirror the mind; its different aspects of consciousness distinguished by as little as variance in musical arrangement.

Distributed Labels

IQ Future Bass

IQ samples are back with a brand new exclusive sample pack."IQ Future Bass" is suitable for artists who are searching for samples like those you hear in tracks of Flume, San Holo, Wave Racer, Cashmere Cat, 813 and a more!The IQ Sample series is created by a team of professional sound designers from different parts of the world, from the USA, Europe and Asia. Collectively joining forces to create a next level sound design label, focused on releasing High-Quality Intellectual sample packs.

Distributed Labels

SlipStream Ambient Instruments & Loops

‘Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops' by ModeAudio makes 30 glowing, sensitively crafted sampler instruments available within your productions. Shimmering with rays of purest tone, texture and harmony, these fully-playable instruments have all the spectral nuance, delicate colour and smooth motion required to lift your Ambient, Downtempo and Soundtrack sessions up into the swirling air!


Drum Hits Bundles

Save 15% (or more!) on drum hits bundles.

Supercharge your drums and beef up your beats with our huge selection of royalty-free drum hits, one-shots and drum samples.

Browse our award-winning titles for your essential collection of drum hits and MIDI drum grooves for dance music production. Available to download instantly in Wav and MIDI format, we’ve got all you need to create your own club-ready tracks.

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