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The Journal

M/S Processing Techniques

In this week's Production Tips, we take an extensive look at "Mid-Side Processing" and common practices guaranteed to uplift your mixes.

The Journal

Video: Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits

Take a look inside one of the UK's leading mastering houses as we show you how we created our brand-new Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits collection. Cue uncontrollable drooling...

The Journal

Layered Kick Drums

Beats lacking balls? Check out our kick drum layering walkthrough.

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MPC Percussion

MPC Percussion features 100 of the finest analogue percussion one-shots to help spice up your beats and grooves.

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'Ambiexperience' from Laniakea Sounds brings you creative ideas for your Ambient, IDM or Cinematic tracks.

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We Love Techno

From IQ Samples, "We Love Techno" is inspired by the hypnotic sound of Plastikman, Chris Liebing, Carlo Ruetz, HD Substance, Robert Hood, Dubfire.


Drum Hits Bundles

Save 15% (or more!) on drum hits bundles.

Supercharge your drums and beef up your beats with our huge selection of royalty-free drum hits, one-shots and drum samples.

Browse our award-winning titles for your essential collection of drum hits and MIDI drum grooves for dance music production. Available to download instantly in Wav and MIDI format, we’ve got all you need to create your own club-ready tracks.

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