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Artist Interview

Artist Interview

Artist Interview

Artist Interview

Artist Interviews

SM Insight

Vocal Production Techniques 2

Reverse reverb, parallel processing, and even more techniques explained in part 2 of our vocal production series.

The Journal

Vocal Production Techniques

Dive into your next vocal session with these 5 pro tips.

SM Insight

Percussion Techniques

Updated percussion techniques: noise gating, volume shaping, and much more.

SM Insight

Percussion Tips & Techniques

Get your percussion game on point with these 5 expert tips and techniques.

SM Insight

Low End Mixing Techniques

Get the most out of your low end with these five mixing techniques.

SM Insight

Sub Bass Production Techniques 2

Sub monitoring techniques, synth-layering, and multi-band processing tips to improve your sub bass production.

SM Insight

Sub Bass Production Techniques

Sub bass expert tips for the modern producer.

SM Insight

Ableton Power Tips 2

Charge-up with part 2 of our "Ableton Power Tips" series.

The Journal

Logic Power Tips 2

Take your Logic skills to the next level with Snap Automation, Cycle Options, and Advanced MIDI Editing.

The Journal

Kick Drum Layering Tips

Get the most out of your productions with these forward-thinking drum production techniques.

Special Offer

50% off Analog Techno

50% off Hardware-heavy beats, deep analogue bass and rich dubby textures for forward-thinking floors.

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50% off Catalyst Samples

50% off the entire Catalyst Samples Catalogue until Friday.

Recently Released

Snare and Clap

Filled with a wide range of snare drums and crunch clap sounds. This collection is highly suited for music from the electronic music genre, namely for Techno and House Music.

Recently Released

Drum Redox - FX samples

Mode Audio Drum Redox delivers 320 razor-sharp drum samples of unusually rich character and varied texture.


Stereo Productions Bundle

Get the sound of the Stereo Productions stable with this exclusive label bundle.


Sylenth Patches Bundle

Give Sylenth the treatment it deserves: a whopping 500+ meticulously programmed basses, leads, chords, arps and pads for house, techno, progressive and electro at a stupidly low price.

Browse and download the essential tools for house music production. Discover our huge range of sample packs, loops, MIDI and patches in a massive variety of house sub-genres, including tech, deep and vintage house.

Search for the perfect house music sounds, from beats and bass through to keys and chords or vocals and FX. All products are available to purchase and download instantly in Wav, Rex2 and Apple Loops formats.

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