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Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples

Label: ModeAudio

'Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples’ is ModeAudio's intricately captured, precision-produced household percussion emporium of wildly diverse sonic character! Comprising an epic trunk of 322 vibrant percussion samples, this collection spans the slam of oven doors, sizzling oil in a pan, a boiling kettle, thwacked firewood, the twang of taught metal, a roaring coffee grinder, crunching plastic bottles, radio static, the ding of a microwave and far beyond!

We’ve raided kitchen cupboards, storage closets and basements to collect a huge assortment of everyday objects to hit, tap, scrape, crack, crunch, flick, twist and break. From bubbling pots of water, sparking gas hobs, scraping knives, clicking buttons, clinking dishwasher loads and more, we’ve transformed humble home utensils and machines into unique musical material of excitingly intense percussive power!

Each sample has been precision-recorded, edited and processed for sparkling clarity and transient definition, lending an intoxicatingly sharp and spiky edge to this deeply versatile percussion sample collection.

Alongside the sampled material, we've also created 19 mixed and matched percussion sampler patches exclusively for this sound pack. Each kit is packed with an exotic range of percussive taps, pops, strikes, scrapes and bangs, delivering beatmaking tools that are ready to go in your session the instant after download.

Accompanying the sampler kits are 4 custom channel strip settings, offering up professional sound sculpting options to transform and gel the sounds into your music.

Bring the raw energy and power of the humble household object hurtling into your music - download ‘Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples’ now!

Full Download $19.55

Download Contains:

  • 322 x 24-bit Wav files 
  • 322 x Reason Refill // 19 Kong Kits // 4 Combinator Patches
  • 19 Logic EXS24 Patches // 4 Channel Strip Settings
  • 19 FL Studio DirectWave Patches // 1 DirectWave Bank
  • 19 Ableton Drum Racks // 5 Audio Effect Racks
*Please make sure you have updated your version of Reason to 8 or newer to use this Refill.
*Please make sure you have updated your version of Ableton Live to 9.1.3 or later to use this pack.