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Surface Tension - Massive Drone Presets

Label: ModeAudio

'Surface Tension - Massive Drone Presets' brings ModeAudio's expertise in detailed, evocative sound design to your fingertips in the form of 70 expansive Texture, SFX and Sub Bass presets for NI Massive. 

Featuring a rich, diverse sonic selection bursting with timbral, textural and spatial variation, this royalty-free synth patch collection will bring an effortlessly complex dimension to the heart of your music! 

Spread across a number of key sound types, the collection includes 22 Synth Texture Presets that crackle, scrape and pulse with internal life; 12 Drone Presets that evolve and grow through time; 12 Synth Chord Presets that sparkle with rich harmonic layers; 12 Pad Presets that flow seamlessly through the air and, finally, 12 deep Sub Bass Presets that solidly underpin all of the enchanting musical choreography dancing above them. 

As with all ModeAudio's Massive presets, each patch has been designed with all 8 macro controls assigned to offer you control over their essential sonic parameters, placing you straight into the fast-lane to production perfection. 

No matter whether you're producing Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal, Game FX or even Pop, R&B, House, Techno and beyond, these sounds will produce bright sparks of pure inspiration to be sprinkled all over your music. 

Rounding out the collection are 24 key-labelled MIDI Loops for easy auditioning of the Pad and Synth Chord presets, plus 20 wonderfully characterful WAV Drone Samples of between 14 and 22 seconds in length. 

Coupled with the core synth presets, these tools give you plenty of instant beat-making ingredients straight after download.

Bring new realms of atmospheric sound design to your productions - download ‘Surface Tension - Massive Drone Presets’ today! 

Full Download $17.29

Download Contains:

  • 70 NI Massive Presets // 20 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit // 24 MIDI Files