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Italo Disco Patches

Label: Sample Magic

An authentic, old school and nostalgia driven collection of Italo-inspired synth patches.

Covering the timeless glam of Italo Disco innovators such as Gary Numan, Patrick Cowley and all the way up to the modern champions of the sound like Bell Towers, The Black Madonna and Bicep. Italo Disco Patches is everything you need to get a distinctly retro-sound with modern synthesizers.

Slinky DX-7 basslines, modulating Moroder-eqsue arpeggios, soaring synthesizer leads, sexy stabby keys in the style of New Order, Cerrone and much much more tick all the boxes for creating timeless classics in a modern setting.

Full Download $24.25 $7.28

Download contains:

  • 101 x Massive patches
  • 101 x Sylenth patches

Please note: This pack contains Massive and Sylenth patches. Version 1.4 of Massive is required to use this product. Version 2.21 of Sylenth is required to use this product (using the "menu" -> "check for updates" feature in Sylenth will bring you the correct page in regards to updating your plug-in)

What's Inside

101 glazzy detuned chords, thick porn-style leads, vintage pads, driving, stringy bass patches and more.

& Mix

Just Massive Patches. 101 x Massive patches.

101 buzzing rhodes style keys, bright sparkly leads, hazy pads, fat multi-oscillator bass patches and more.

& Mix

Just Sylenth Patches. 101 x Sylenth patches.