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Future Music "So expertly put together you'll swear you're listening to your favourite classic rare groove... Both old and new parts sound great in practically any dance track... 9/10."

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Music Tech "Everything here is expertly produced and laid-out, with plenty of song-starting hooks and grooves to get you out of the blocks. 8/10"

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Recording Magazine "Funky, driving Fender masterpieces... chunky, rhythmic guitar loops... disco-tinged sugar and spice... and silkily romantic electric piano chords to unspeakably funky clavs, throbbing string synths, and slick modern touches like vocoder arpeggi

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Hed Kandi: Disco House Samples

Label: Sample Magic

Retro-tinged beats, classic instrumentals and neon melodics - the Hed Kandi way.

It's the big one: Sample Magic team up with the world's leading disco-house brand to deliver 700+MB of the finest disco house samples: from classic live disco to the twisted reaches of house - all with the Hed Kandi seal of approval.

Designed to reflect the sound of the Hed Kandi dancefloor, from live-inspired disco heaven through to the late-night debauchery of twisted disco, the collection comes bursting with live bass licks and sexy guitar riffs, 100s of disco rhythms sprinkled with afro and latin spice, straight-from-vinyl musical songstarters, classic keys, peak-time synths, tight percussive tops plus 100s of Sample Magic's fabled drum hits and assorted FX ear Kandi.

Full Download $42.49 $12.75

Download contains:


  • 737 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 514 x Apple Loops
  • 514 x Rex2 Loops
  • 514 x Stylus-RMX Rex2 Loops
  • 124 x bonus 24-bit Wav loops
  • EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler patches
  • 12 page digital booklet (including hints and tips, kit list, folder guide and more). 
  • Reason Refill containing 10 custom drum kits for the Reason 5 Kong Drum Designer, 5 additional patches for Kong with samples organized by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and FX), 7 Dr. Octo Rex patches for Bass, Drum, Music, Synth and Top loops, 5 NN-XT sampler patches containing samples organised by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and FX).

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 180 live-infused beats, from the classicly retro to shades of nu-disco. All beats are offered with full, stripped and top-only variants for 1000s of new groove combinations. 

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 180 x Wav loops // 180 x Rex2 loops // 180 x Apple Loops.

Tops Loops > Hats and percussive kick-free tops loops - all bristling with depth and detail. Just fire up a kick to pump the groove.

& Mix

Just Tops Loops. 57 x Wav loops // 57 x Rex2 loops // 57 x Apple Loops.

Bass Loops > From '70s octaves through noughties Juno-jives to slapped workouts: a prime selection of bottom-enders. 

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 63 x Wav loops // 63 x Rex2 loops // 63 x Apple Loops.

Music Loops > The heart of the Kandi: 71 neon-stacked vinyl-style workouts primed for instant song-starting duties. 

& Mix

Just Music Loops. 71 x Wav loops // 71 x Rex2 loops // 71 x Apple Loops.

Synth & Key Loops > Peaktime progressions, dusty Rhodes, Clav runs, hands-up strings and funky filters.

& Mix

Just Synth & Key Loops. 67 x Wav loops // 67 x Rex2 loops // 67 x Apple Loops.

Guitar Loops > Funky wah, tight plucks and afro-infused mute guitar licks - experly played and recorded for instant inspiration. 

& Mix

Just Guitar Loops. 76 x Wav loops // 76 x Rex2 loops // 76 x Apple Loops.

Drum Hits > Perfectly edited kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion hits - all run through the never-bettered Sample Magic channel strip for assured air, depth and clarity. 

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 201 x Wav one-shots. 

FX & FX Loops > Hits, vox stabs, bubbles and shots: the icing on the Kandi cake. 

& Mix

Just FX. 22 x Wav loops // 22 x Rex2 loops // 22 x Apple Loops.