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Computer Music "It's a production and compositional tour de force that we can't recommend highly enough to anyone working in electronica. 10/10."

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Low End Theory

Label: Sample Magic

Experimental hip-hop, leftfield electronica and chilled trap.

An artful collage of west coast hip-hop, sample-heavy electronica and chilled trap - pulling in elements of jazz, funk and soul along the way - Low End Theory is a 1.3GB exploration of the influential LA beat scene made famous by the likes of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus.

Spanning the edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, Low End Theory comes packed with punchy low-slung beats, thick and fuzzy bass, languid keys, kaleidoscopic synths, skittish percussion, wildly pitched vocals, heavily processed FX and stacks of characterful drum hits and melodic shots expertly crafted from over 100 hours of analogue jams, field recording trips and late-night studio sessions.

Full Download $42.69 $25.61

Download Contains:

  • 797 x 24-bit wav files.
  • 689 x Apple Loops.
  • 689 x Rex2 files.
  • 236 x MIDI files.
  • 7 sampler formats for Drum Rack, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt
  • 5 custom kits for Maschine, NN-XT, Kontakt, Drum Rack and EXS24

What's Inside

Drum Loops > Hundreds of gritty, punchy, full-bodied beats packed with subby kicks, skittering snares, crunchy claps, tight hats and twisted tuned percussion.  Served with stripped stems for complete mix-and-match flexibility.

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 264 x 24-bit wav files // 264 x Apple Loops // 264 x Rex2 files.

Tops Loops > Super heavily processed percussion grooves packed with vintage live beats, found-sound recordings and weird synth FX.  

& Mix

Just Tops Loops. 52 x 24-bit wav files // 52 x Apple Loops // 52 x Rex2 files.

Bass Loops > Fat face-melting subs, fuzzy analogue drones and warm funk licks.  Key-labeled throughout, MIDI versions are also included as standard.

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 48 x 24-bit wav files // 48 x Apple Loops // 48 x Rex2 files // 48 x MIDI files.

Synth Loops > Cosmic keys, spacey synths, vintage re-sampled riffs, shimmering arpeggios, floating filtronics, tropical chimes and more - all key-labelled and served with MIDI versions.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 58 x 24-bit wav files // 58 x Apple Loops // 58 x Rex2 files // 58 x MIDI files.

Music Loops > From stoned to psychedelic, washed out to woozy: 46 folders of kaleidoscopic melodic inspiration packed with leads, bass, pads, plucks, keys and more.  Served with ready-mixed and stripped stems as well as associated MIDI files for absolute control.

& Mix

Just Music Loops. 187 x 24-bit wav files // 187 x Apple Loops // 187 x Rex2 files // 130 x MIDI files.

Vocal Loops >  43 re-pitched, re-worked and screwed-up vocal tools to inject human life into the mix. Key-labeled for convenience.

& Mix

Just Vocal Loops. 43 x 24-bit wav files // 43 x Apple Loops // 43 x Rex2 files.

FX > Broken transmissions, field recordings from the urban underground, broken CPU systems, odd analogue freakery, bleeps, glitches, sirens and more.

& Mix

Just FX. 70 x 24-bit wav files // 37 x Apple Loops // 37 x Rex2 files

One-Shots >  Bass-busting kicks, crunchy snares, hard-hitting hats, processed percussion, wonky bass hits and warm synth shots  - all custom crafted and fed through our all-analogue signal path.

& Mix

Just One Shots. 75 x 24-bit wav files // 7 sampler formats for Drum Rack, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt // 5 custom kits for Maschine, Kontakt, Drum Rack, EXS24 and NN-XT