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SOS "A collection of weird, wonderful and occasionally scary samples that could be made to work in music styles such as techno or electronica, but that would also provide good material for music and/or sound design in a film or TV context... If you

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Label: Sample Magic

Ethereal soundscapes, estoric rhythms, vocal manipulations, ambient atmospheres and unique industrial noises, fx, clicks and bleeps.

A journey to the outer reaches of sonic possibility, using the finest vintage analogue synths, the warmest signal processors, the dirtiest distortions and the largest arsenal of audio toys yet assembled.

With samples and loops grouped at 100bpm, 125bpm and 140bpm, this collection will serve not just musicians and producers across various genres, but the sounds also slot neatly into film scores, foley edits, post production and much more. With Transmission-X the possibilties are truly limitless.

Full Download $39.25

Download contains:

  • 24-bit Wav files
  • Rex2 files
  • Apple Loops
  • EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt II and HALion patches.

What's Inside

Percussive Loops > Banks of twisted analogue glitches, other-wordly grooves and rhythms.

& Mix

Just Percussive Loops. 128 x Wav loops // 128 x Rex loops // 128 x Apple Loops.

Textures > Beautiful soundscapes and atmospheric ambiences.

& Mix

Just Textures. 29 x Wav one-shots.

Transmissions > Unique vocal sequences, radio pick-ups and bit-glitched squeals programmed using the most cutting-edge sound manipulation software.

& Mix

Just Transmissions. 89 x Wav loops and one-shots // 60 x Rex loops // 60 x Apple Loops.

Synth Loops > 115 timeless arpeggios, dirt-infused runs and acid soaked squelches all laden with characteristic analogue warmth.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 115 x Wav loops // 115 x Rex loops // 115 x Apple Loops.

FX > Numerous hits, bleeps and sweeps to take your creative project to another dimenson.

& Mix

Just FX. 47 x Wav one-shots.