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Future Music 'This awesome collection of Ableton Instruments racks... comes ready to rock. Ableton button pushers and knob twiddlers rejoice - these are the racks you've been looking for. 9/10'

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Computer Music 'Five sampler-based electronic instrument racks for Ableton... that deserves a place in any Live library at this price.'

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Ableton Instrument Racks

Label: Sample Magic

Five sample-based instrument racks for dance music production.

Five mammoth rack instruments integrating Sample Magic’s cutting-edge analogue and digital sound design and Ableton’s native processing tools into one standalone production and live performance powerhouse.

Comprising five vital instrument racks for dance music production - bass, lead, kick, snare and hi-hat - each rack comes loaded with 64 unique sample-based patches alongside 8 intuitive and intelligent macro controls to give you a comprehensive production toolkit for almost every genre of electronic music.

Packed with sounds from the Oberheim SEM V, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Arp 2600, Korg MS-20 and Nord Modular, Ableton Instrument Racks seamlessly fuses classic hardware with Ableton’s powerful native processing in one complete package.

The pack also contains three complete demo projects (including the one in the demo video) to showcase the powerful potential of the racks.

Full Download $24.34 $14.60

Download contains:

  • 5 x Instrument Racks
  • 3 x Ableton Demo Projects
  • 15-page digital booklet containing introduction, installation and operation instructions

Please note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

What's Inside