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Analogue House

Label: Sample Magic

Rough and jackin' house.

Rough, raw and uncompromising house tools extracted from stacks of vintage analogue synths, maxed-out drum machines, bashed-up tapes and reworked archival material to capture the DIY aesthetic of classic house.

Packed with pounding drum machine grooves, LFO-mangled bass, kaleidoscopic arps, grainy resampled stabs and Detroit dub chords - alongside thick layers of hiss, dirt and overdriven textures - Analogue House is a no-frills take on the fundamentals of house music.

The result of a year-long production love affair combining classic hardware, VHS and cassette tape, all-new vocal recordings, found-sound digging and hardcore post production processing, Analogue House is over 900MB of robust yet lo-fi loops for underground house production.

Full Download $42.54 $12.76

Download contains:

  • 679 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 554 x Apple Loops
  • 554 x Rex2 Loops
  • 11 x EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler patches
  • Digital booklet including introduction and production tips

What's Inside

Drum Loops > Ruff-and-tuff machine workouts explosive with heavy kicks, incessant hats, crunchy snares and mangled percussion.

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 150 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 150 x Apple Loops // 150 x Rex2 Files.

Percussion Loops > Gritty and groove-focussed percussive layers extracted from classic drum machines.

& Mix

Just Percussion Loops. 71 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 71 x Apple Loops // 71 x Rex2 Files.

Hi-Hat & Shaker Loops > Jackin’ hats and shufflin’ shakers to work the groove.  Pitched, resampled, modulated and laced with hiss, hum and tape noise to offer characterful hi-end response.

& Mix

Just Hat and Shaker Loops. 47 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 47 x Apple Loops // 47 x Rex2 Files.

Kick Loops > 33 propulsive kick grooves laced with tape hiss, analogue noise and distortion grit for an instant lo-fi track backbone.

& Mix

Just Kick Loops. 33 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 33 x Apple Loops // 33 x Rex2 Files.

Snare Loops > Jack-attack snare rhythms composed from multi-layered hits and transients.

& Mix

22 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 22 x Apple Loops // 22 x Rex2 Files.

Bass Loops > Deep sine subs, funk-injected jams, menacing FM monsters and more built to work the dancefloor. 

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 50 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 50 x Apple Loops // 50 x Rex2 Files.

Chord Loops >  From deep and dubby to hazy chord-scapes, vintage keys to disintegrating stabs: 50 melodic layers referencing Detriot and Chicago.

& Mix

Just Chord Loops. 50 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 50 x Apple Loops // 50 x Rex2 Files.

Synth Loops > Acidic arps, distortion-dripping leads, palpitating plucks and interstellar synth-plorations for the twisted reaches of house.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 36 x 24-bit Wav loops // 36 x Apple Loops // 36 x Rex2 Files.

Vocal Loops > Weird and warped voxisms direct from the urban underground.

& Mix

Just Vocal Loops. 43 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 43 x Apple Loops // 43 x Rex2 Files.

Drum Hits > Hardcore selection of grainy, overdriven, tape-resampled kicks, snares, hats and percussion for raw-to-the-floor beats.

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 135 x 24-bit Wav one-shots.