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Computer Music "The sound design throughout is exemplary. 9/10.”

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Maschine Magic: Drum Synths

Label: Sample Magic

Powerful drum synth presets for Maschine.

Introducing our most powerful Maschine pack ever: 160 custom-programmed drum presets for pan-genre beat production, served with 10 killer drum kits and associated MIDI arrangements covering house, techno, EDM, trap, D&B and more.

We’ve pushed Maschine’s native drum synths to the max to bring you 160 expertly crafted drum hit presets covering classic drum machine emulations, live-style hits, tight digital sounds, grimy lo-fi tools and super-stacked mainroom hits.

Packed with kicks, snares, percussion, hats, rides and FX hits, the pack is presented as 10 custom drum kits, each with their own unique vibe for instant inspiration.  Not only does each kit come with 8 top-level macros (including filters, reverbs, distortion, swing and more), each drum hit preset within the kit is also macro-mapped for detailed sound sculpting and customisation.  Finally, each kit comes with a full MIDI drum arrangement to get you started.

Each kit contains:

> A full drum kit containing custom drum presets for kick, snare, hats, cymbals, percussion and FX.

> Full MIDI drum arrangement (16 bars)

> Extensive native Maschine FX processing for top-level marcos for intuitive live performance and programming.

> Total macro-mapping for all drum presets.

To showcase the versatility of the presets, each project track covers a different genre of cutting-edge electronic music, including house, techno, EDM, trap, downtempo, D&B and more.  

The Kits:

Machine Kit - The sound of classic drum machines like the TR-808, 909 and 606 with the added flexibility of digital processing and FX. Whether it’s raw techno rhythms, analogue house grooves or old school electro beats, this classic drum machine kit is the one.

Acoustic Kit - A killer live drum kit primed for everything from disco to D&B.  Effortlessly program live-style beats with macros for swing, room ambience and more.

Broken Kit - Dirty and distorted, cracked and smashed, this degraded kit is primed for those who like their beats served filthy.

Amsterdam Kit - Crisp kicks, clean snares, sharp hats and tribal-style percussion hits channel the vibe of Amsterdam’s tech-house luminaries like Joris Voorn and 2000 And One .

Crossover Kit - Blend digital sounding kicks and snares with organic-inspired percussion that will work in everything from deep tech-house through to D&B.

Cloud Kit - Raw, dirty and atmospheric sounds of cloud rap inspired by the lo-fi hip hop beats of Clams Casino. A woozy beat of off-kilter kicks, rough hats, crunchy snares and sinewave toms. Tweak dirt and swing macros to taste.

Clinical Kit - Enter the sounds of modern minimal techno with tight digital drums supplemented with glitched and twisted FX processing.

Industrial Kit - A hardcore electronica kit channeling the pioneering sonics of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher.  Hard-hitting and abrasive, dial in the macros for maximum weirdness.

Trapped Kit - A deadly cocktail of heavy 808 kicks, stacked snares, fat claps, tight hats and rim shots for trap and urban bangers.

Disclosed Kit - The sound modern deep house: fresh kicks, crisp claps and tight percussion aimed squarely at the dance floor.

Anthem Kit - Big-room sounds for EDM and hardstyle anthems. Tweak saturation, bit crush and spot reverb macros for huge track-backers.

Full Download $18.23 $10.94

Download contains:

  • 10 x Maschine Drum Synth Kits (Groups)
  • 160 x Drum Synth Presets.

Please note: Maschine 2.1.1 or higher is required to use this pack. Additional installation instructions can also be found in the Magic Maschine: Found Sounds Booklet available from this product page.