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Massive Garage & Bass Patches

Label: Sample Magic

Funky, bouncy and bold sounds with a UK flavour.

At the apex of bass, garage and house, this fresh-from-the-underground collection of Massive presets comes loaded with heavyweight basses, organ-style stabs, detuned chords, analogue inspired pads, lush leads and more.

Built from scratch, each patch utilises Massive’s macro routing capabilities to create fully tweakable and mix malleable sounds inspired by the likes of My Nu Leng, Shadow Child and Gorgon City.

Packed with 43 big and booming basses, 22 Rhodes, organ and polysynth style stabs, 14 live wire leads, 12 pads and 9 FX, it expertly captures the sound of underground dance floors the world over.

N.B: The audio demos contain drum sounds NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Massive synth presets only. Drums taken from Garage House.

Full Download $18.42 $5.53

Download contains:

  • 101 x Massive presets

Please note: Massive v1.3 and above required to use this product.