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Future Music "A top-notch set of racks that hide a sophisticated processing chain behind their simple controls. Guaranteed to give your tracks the boom, width, sheen and punch that the big boys seem to capture so easily. 9/10.”

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Ableton Magic Racks: Mixing & Mastering

Label: Sample Magic

Five custom Ableton Racks for dance mixing and mastering.

On the back of chart-topping Magic Racks: Mix Essentials, we bring you the second instalment in the form of Mixing & Mastering Racks: five indispensable Ableton racks constructed to put intuitive, powerful and versatile mixing and mastering tools at your fingertips.

Designed to make louder, wider, fatter, tighter and punchier tracks easier to achieve than ever, each rack has a career’s worth of mixing and mastering know-how distilled into eight macro controls, allowing you to sculpt incisive mixes and polished masters with a few simple tweaks.

Built solely using Ableton’s native tools, each rack utilises complex processing chains to offer highly-targeted dance-tailored enhancement of both mix and master channels. From the flexible Channel Strip through to the final-stage Mastering Strip, each rack has eight macro knobs to control custom EQs, multi-band compressors, parallel processing, saturation, reverbs, filters, delays and gates to optimise tracks for the dancefloor.

But customisation is also key, and all racks are fully-editable - open them up, tweak parameters, change routings, swap in and out tools - so they fit your workflow seamlessly.

Compiled by Live power-user and SM stalwart Hedflux, Magic Racks: Mixing & Mastering is an essential tool for in-the-box producers seeking release-ready results - allowing you to craft fuller mixes and louder masters at the turn of a knob.

Full Download $15.71 $4.71

Download contains:

  • 5 x Ableton Racks
  • 15-page digital booklet containing introduction, installation and operation instructions

Please note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

What's Inside