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Computer Music "It’s laid-back Linn Drum beats and Vangelis-style synths all the way... This lavish pack is bursting with sonic possibilities... from beautifully processed vocals, through dreamy guitars and crusty beats, to cinematic pads, punchy arps and more. Blissful."

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Chillwave 2

Cassette-deck beats, sun-laced synths and nostalgia melodics.

Our first Chillwave release made Sample Magic history, outselling every library in our catalogue and staying in the charts for over a year.

Now the original production team revisit the same sepia ground for their next essential outing, loaded with 1.8GB worth of retro melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops inspired by the best of 80s synth pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave.

Featuring even more sounds, even more inspiration kits and even more drum hits – as well as bonus MIDI files and new arps, fills and basslines folders – Chillwave 2 is the result of a two-year production love affair fostered by a host of second-hand synths, garage-sale guitar pedals and battered outboard.

Loops are offered in 90 and 100bpm tempo groups.

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 240+ cassette-deck drum loops and lost-summer grooves. 8-bit re-sampling and Casio processing inject every frequency with organic sweetness. Beats are offered with kick-free, perc-only and stripped variants for maximum arrangement freedom.


Just Drum Loops. 241 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 241 x Apple Loops // 241 x Rex2 Files.

Drum fills > Choice selection of tried and fested tom fills for the turnarounds.


Just Drum Fills. 21 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 21 x Apple Loops // 21 x Rex2 Files.

Inspiration Loops > 44 packed folders of sepia song-starters. Basslines, synths, arps, atmospheres, pads, guitars, music loops - they're all here. Use them as they are, or treat them as crate-dug vinyl cuts. Re-work them for 1,000s of new progressions. All loops supplied with bonus MIDI for supreme flexibility.


Just Inspiration Loops. 368 x 24-bit Wav Loops & MIDI // 368 x Apple Loops & MIDI // 368 x Rex2 Files & MIDI. 

Bass Loops > Live indie and synth low-enders to underpin the groove.


Just Bass Loops. 27 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 27 x Apple Loops // 27 x Rex2 Files.

Synth & Key Loops > Drifting toplines, wave-bent synths and classic progressions: key-labeled hooks aplenty.


Just Synth & Key Loops. 43 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 43 x Apple Loops // 43 x Rex2 Files.

Arps & Sequences > Moog runs, sultry sequences and neon cascades. 70+ rhythmic melodics.


Just Arps & Sequences. 72 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 72 x Apple Loops // 72 x Rex2 Files.

Guitar Loops > Cracked soundscapes, wavering chords and hazy reverses to bury in the mix.


Just Guitar Loops. 43 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 43 x Apple Loops // 43 x Rex2 Files.

Vocal Loops > Fractured choirs, re-modelled vox and washed-out sung-phonics: concentrated soul in every hook.


Just Vocal Loops. 41 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 41 x Apple Loops // 41 x Rex2 Files.

Dust and Found Sound Loops > Rainy beaches, dust roads, twilight cafés and more: backing beds in search of melodic reclinees.


Just Dust and Found Sound Loops. 33 x 24-bit Wav Loops // 33 x Apple Loops // 33 x Rex2 Files.

Chords > Craft your own progressions with this 110-strong chord vault of stacked, resampled and effected one-shots, each trembling with detail. Many offered with different chordal variants (including major, minor, 7, 9), with extra folder for tempo-synced fx. Just sample and go.


Just Chords. 113 x 24-bit Wav One-Shots.

Drum Hits > 330+ masterfully sculpted one-shots (folders for kick, snare, clap, toms, hats (open, closed, cymbals), percussion) offer beat-builders that rare mix of effortless usability and sonic integrity. From layered Linn Drums to vintage snares recorded in our LA studio, every hit is passed through our much-imitated, yet-to-be-bettered outboard chain.


Just Drum Hits. 332 x 24-bit Wav One-Shots.

Full Download $50.99

Download contains:

  • 939 x 24-bit Wav Loops
  • 939 x Apple Loops
  • 939 x Rex2 Files.
  • 445 x 24-bit Wav One-shots.
  • Sampler Formats for Ableton Live Drum Rack, EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT.
  • Reason refill.