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Deep & Dark Patches

Label: Sample Magic

Beautiful and brooding melodics for Massive and Sylenth.

101 intricately programmed patches for Massive and Sylenth inspired by the likes of Ten Walls, Tale of Us and Benoit & Sergio.  Loaded with rich leads, delicate pads, ominous and complex keys, Deep & Dark Patches explores the moody and melodic reaches of house and techno.

Drawing inspiration from the intense and emotive music of Innervisions, Life & Death and Visionquest, Deep & Dark Patches delves the depths of Massive and Sylenth to produce shadowy leads, brooding pads, intricate arps and rich chords and keys dense with shifting oscillators, warm filters, decays and reverbs.

In total, the collection contains 51 Massive patches and 50 Sylenth patches, plus a choice selection of  key-labeled chord, keys, lead and pad MIDI patterns.

The Massive patches are all fully-tweakable with up to 8 intuitive macros for each patch - sculpt sounds to fit the mix or modulate progressions with total ease.

Please note: the audio contains drum sounds which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Sylenth and Massive synth presets only.

Full Download $18.23 $10.94

Download contains:

  • 51 x Massive patches
  • 50 x Sylenth patches
  • 95 x MIDI files

Please note: Massive v1.3 and Sylenth v2.2 or higher are required to use these patches.

What's Inside

Sylenth Patches > Chords, keys, leads and pads inspired by the finest hardware classics. Expect warmth, grit and circuit-derived impurties.

& Mix

Just Sylenth Patches. 50 x Sylenth Patches

Massive Patches > Supersized saws, epic arps, warped squares and all manner of multi-routed madness across 51 macro-controllable patches for deep, emotive melodic excursions.

& Mix

Just Massive Patches. 51 x Massive Patches