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Analogue Noise

Label: Sample Magic

Grit and hiss from the analogue realm.

Want to inject warmth, rawness, grit and air to your tracks? Fire up one of these 101 authentic layers and textures for instant depth and fullness in all house, techno and electronica productions.

Breathe life to stale programmed beats and add dynamism to tired breakdowns or builds with these expertly processed analogue-derived textural loops.

Packed with real vinyl crackles, channel hums, tape hisses, white noise, radio frequencies and broken circuits, each one has been expertly EQ’d and processed to make them essential tools for bulking up beats and adding pure analogue warmth into the mix.

From subtle top-end ‘air’ loops to weird modulating circuitry, there’s a wealth of mix-filling tools to get stuck into - whether it’s sidechaining them against a kick/snare for fuller beats, bulking up frequencies in the breakdown or adding tension in builds with automated gates and rises.

Please note: the audio demo contains drums, synths and vocals which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains FX layers and textures only.

Full Download $12.07 $3.62

Download contains:

  • 101 x 24-bit Wav loops