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Sylenth Lo-Fi Electronica Patches

Label: Sample Magic

Woozy oscillators, retro-arcade arps and fuzzy filters abound in this lo-fi exploration of dreamy synth pop and downtempo electronica.

Sylenth Lo-Fi Electronica Patches comes packed with scuzzy low-res bass and sawtoothed retro leads primed for an 80s revival; hazy keys and wonky synths detuned for a futuristic bliss-a-rama; plus weird and wired FX and chiptune arps for obscure indie-tronica in this a nostalgia-drenched journey into the heart of synth-soaked chill.

Totalling 8 arps, 19 basses, 6 FX, 27 keys, 8 leads and 33 synth patches, each patch pushes the processing to deliver an instant dose of lo-fi fuzz and roughed-up warmth to pop, chill and electronica tracks.

Full Download $19.56

Download contains:

  • 101 x Sylenth Patches

Note: You will need Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Version 2.21 or higher to use this product. You can download this via 'Check For Update' within Sylenth's menu.