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Press Reviews

Computer Music "As usual with Sample Magic, the production is superb, and it all sounds right up to the minute. 9/10"

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Plughugger "Sample Magic have done an excellent job with Ultimate FX... If you are looking for a fresh injection of effects this should be one of the first libraries to check out... Get it now!"

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Ultimate FX

1.1GB of premium FX for breakdowns, fills, drops and transitions.

Bowing to overwhelming demand, Sample Magic return with a painstakingly grafted volume of sterling special effects - 1.1GB of tension-builders, falls, rises, impacts, drum and glitch fills, crashes, FX hits, tape squeals, vinyl noise and layered FX - all tempo matched to fit seamlessly into virtually every genre of dance production, but also cinematic and soundtrack applications.

With three of Sample Magic's leading sound designers opening their personal vaults, this collection marks an indispensable archive that stands as a benchmark source for FX samples. Boasting 660+ single hit samples and loops, Ultimate FX focuses heavily on production transitions: builds, drops, breakdowns and fills, delivering 24-bit sounds that have been built from the ground up to maximise euphoria and tension in your productions.

What's Inside

Risers & Lifters >100+ massive up-risers, rinses, sweeps, tensions builds and lifters - from LFO wobblers through synthetic sliders to white-noise whooshes. Sounds are offered in 125 and 128bpm tempo groups for absolute tempo-matched control, with unique loops provided over 1, 2,4, 8 and 16 bars so you can choose the exact length of the build.


Just Risers & Lifters. Contains: 118 Wav loops // 118 Apple Loops.

Falls & Descenders > 100+ down-lifters, falls and drops, from sonic winds to static shredders. From the sublime to the peaktime: all tempo linked. Either use alone or layer for a near unlimited number of variants.


Just Falls & Descenders. Contains: 105 Wav loops // 105 Apple Loops.

Fills > Vast treasure trove of all-original one-bar fills including Classic Fills (old-school 'Funky Drummer' style), Glitch Fills (hyper-detailed sonic mayhem), Nu-Rave Fills (ballsy pseudo-disco drum machinery) and Twisted Vox Fills (glitched vocal mayhem). Fills are offered at 125 and 128bpm, offering a goldmine of original rhythmic material.


Just Drum Fills. Contains: 173 Wav loops // 173 Rex2 loops // 173 Apple Loops.

Impacts & Bombs > HUGE booms and impacts - all run through our never bettered all-analogue signal path and treated to liberal high-end convolution processing - for true speaker cracking walls of sound.


Just Impacts & Bombs. Contains: 22 Wav loops.

Tape & Vinyl FX > Tape wind-downs, vinyl dust, scratches, crackles, spool spins and more, for a host of old-school FX.


Just Tape & Vinyl FX. Contains: 26 Wav loops and one-shots.

Orchestral FX > Gongs, crashes, swells and assorted percussive tomfoolery recorded in sterling ambiences using multiple mic'ing techniques.


Just Orchestral FX. Contains: 11 Wav one-shots.

Synth FX > Grab bag of all-analogue synth hits, chords and reverses for the ultimate big-room stabs.


Just Synth FX. Contains: 102 Wav one-shots.

And more > Background ambience, bespoke rhythmic top loops, industrial FX and an essential folder of customised layered FX - to showcase how to get more from the collection.


Just Cymbal FX, Ambiences, Machine Hits & Layered Examples. Contains: 104 Wav loops and one-shots // 36 Rex2 loops // 58 Apple Loops.

Full Download $50.76 $36.22

Download contains:

  • 661 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 211 x Rex2 Loops
  • 211 x Stylus-RMX Rex2 Loops
  • 454 x Apple Loops
  • EXS24, HALion, Kontakt 3 and NN-XT sampler patches and digital booklet.