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Press Reviews

Music Tech "An intricate and beautiful... collection of manipulated chillout loops."

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Rekkerd "Soundtrack & Chill is stunningly beautiful... Inspiring, creative, and well produced."

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Future Music "The sounds are eclectic and generally very versatile, making Soundtrack and Chill an ideal option for anyone putting together their own downtempo product. 9/10"

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Soundtrack & Chill

Label: Sample Magic

1.58GB of the deepest cinematic moods and organic ambience for Soundtrack and Chill.

1.58GB of the deepest cinematic moods and organic ambience for Soundtrack and Chill, featuring hundreds of trembling textures, Vangelis-soundscapes, sultry keys, ambient guitars, haunting vibes and viola, cracked percussion, hypnotic Tokyo chimes, dark operatics, delayed city atmospheres and much, much more.

Soundtrack & Chill delves deeper than ever with 600+ loops and shots aimed at soundtrack, chillout, downtempo and ambient producers from motion picture composer James Johnson, featuring a mix of live and synthetic material, alongside field recordings and genuine 18th century spoken word and vocal clips for a truly original voyage into the late-night slow lane.

Full Download $43.14

Download contains:

  • 612 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 282 x Rex2 Loops
  • 559 Stylus-RMX x Rex2 Loops
  • 626 x Apple Loops
  • EXS24, HALion, Kontakt 3 and NN-XT sampler patches.

What's Inside

Soundbeds > Trembling textures and ethereal flows; dreamy cloudscapes and desolate drones: layer them for a near-endless choice of shifting beds and atmospheres.

& Mix

Just Soundbeds. 67 x Wav loops // 67 x Rex2 loops // 67 x Apple Loops.

Keys > Vangelis-inspired soundscapes, sparkling tines, plucked bows, prepared pianos and phased vibes in 60, 70 and 80bpm tempo groups.

& Mix

Just Keys. 145 x Wav loops // 145 x Rex2 loops // 145 x Apple Loops.

Elements > Shimmering solo toplines, from harmonic sax to haunting viola, bansuri to ambient guitars - all key and tempo labeled for instant use.

& Mix

Just Elements. 77 x Wav loops // 77 x Rex2 loops // 77 x Apple Loops.

Rhythms > Dusty and cracked noise percussion, hypnotic gamelan and Tokyo chimes, scratched downtempo piano plucks plus delicate tabla and conga rolls.

& Mix

Just Rhythms. 116 x Wav loops // 116 x Rex2 loops // 116 x Apple Loops.

Vocals > Genuine 19th Century cylinder phrases, delayed operatics, hypnotic vocal phrases and delicate layered moods. Cut up and roll.

& Mix

Just Vocals. 30 x Wav loops and one-shots // 20 x Rex2 loops // 30 x Apple Loops.

Hits & FX > Dark cityscape recordings; neo-nature field tapes; distant gongs; dust and vinyl cuts; hazed organic FX; glissando harps; music-box melodies and much, much more...

& Mix

Just Hits & FX. 137 x Wav one-shots // 137 x Apple Loops.