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Label: Sample Magic

80's inspired themes, neon immersed melodics and retro rhythms - Outrun delivers a treasure trove of old school drum machine beats, epic chase-scene arpeggios, interstellar synths, cinematic chords, and driving melodics. Outrun comes pack with hundreds of 24-bit Wav loops, MIDI, and one-shots inspired by the 1980s film soundtracks and video games to bring an epic collection for fans of Synthwave, Retrowave, and beyond.

Outrun - Rack Info

Please note: The included racks require Ableton Live 9.7.7 or newer. These racks are compatible with Ableton Live 9 Standard and Suite. The Ableton Instrument Racks and FX Patches can be found inside the Bass and Melodic Shots folders.

Full Download $18.40

Download Contains:

  • 328 x 24-bit Wav files
  • 67 x MIDI files
  • 2 x Instrument Projects and Racks for Ableton Live 9.7.7 (Bass and Melodic Shots)
  • 7 x Ableton FX Patches

Drum Hits:

  • 20 x Claps
  • 10 x Cymbals
  • 35 x Hats
  • 20 x Kicks
  • 26 x Percussion
  • 25 x Toms
  • 21 x Snares
  • 5 Custom Kits for Maschine 2 (2.8.2), Battery 4 (4.1.6), Kong (Reason 10.2), EXS24 (Logic 10.4.4), FPC (FL Studio 20.0.3) and Ableton Drum Rack (Live 9.7.7)

What's Inside

Music Kits > 8 folders of epic 80s song-starters. Each folder comes bursting with retro-inspired melodics crafted from the finest vintage synths: Basslines, leads, keys, arps and more. All folders and files are key-labeled and tempo-synced for total ease. Supplied with MIDI for supreme melodic control.

& Mix

Just Music Kits. 41 x 24-bit WAV files // 33 MIDI files.

Drum Hits > The ultimate collection of neon laced drum hits! Over 150 drum hits from layered Linns, compressed Casios and gated Kawais, crispy hats, crunchy claps. All processed and resampled using classic gear like the Linn Drum LM2, Ensoniq EPS, and Oberheim DX, Akai MPC60 and E-MU SP1200. Tracked using high-quality mastering converters for a collection of pristine one-shots for your next retro inspired production.

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 157 x 24-bit Wav files.

Synth Loops > Finely crafted and curated Jupiter and Juno style riffs, modulating arpeggio and sequence loops, neon-tinged toplines armed for instant inspiration. All synth loops are served in 24-Bit WAV - key/tempo labeled to provide flexibility and ease of use in your DAW or sampler of choice.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 21 x 24-bit WAV files // 20 x MIDI files.

Bass Loops > Retro futuristic sequences, video game runners, analogue sourced riffs and 80s inspired basslines. Key and tempo labeled - all bass loops are served in 24-Bit WAV format to provide flexibility and ease of use in your DAW or sampler of choice.

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 14 x 24-bit WAV files // 14 x MIDI files.

Bass One Shots > Retro one-shots, 80s bass samples and growling analogue sourced hits. 21 bass shots ready for drag 'n' drop into your arrange window or fire up your favourite sampler. 

& Mix

Just Bass Shots. 21 x 24-bit WAV files.

Melodic Shots > Chorus drenched chords, retro-styled analogue stabs and dreamy DX keys. A collection of 12 synth shots taken from the most popular polysynths of the 80s.

& Mix

Just Melodic Shots. 12 x 24-bit WAV files. 

Drum Fills > Resampled Eprom toms, stadium styled grooves, gritty and gated fills. These retro drum fills are the perfect tool to take your drum production to the next level.

& Mix

Just Drum Fill Loops. 10 x 24-bit WAV files.

FX > Vintage modulations, interstellar transmissions, modulated maddness, video game inspired elements, and reverb resplendent hits.

& Mix

Just FX One-Shots. 10 x 24-bit WAV files.