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Future Electronic and Chill

Label: Sample Magic

Dive into the world of chilled electronic futurism with Future Electronic & Chill. Get to grips with punchy drums, rumbling basses, neon-tinged melodics, glitched grooves and much more. Sitting halfway from edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, Future Electronic & Chill combines the best elements of the underground beat scene and futuristic production.

Future Electronic and Chill - Rack Info

Please note: The above instruments require Ableton Live 9.7.7 or newer. These racks are compatible with Ableton Live Standard and Suite. FX Patches can be found in the “ableton fx patches” folder. The above Instrument racks and projects can be found in the bass and chord one shot folders.

Full Download $36.68 $22.00

Download Contains:

  • 562 x 24-bit Wav files
  • 141 x MIDI Files
  • 2 x Ableton Instrument Racks & Projects for Bass & Chord one shots (Live 9.7.7)
  • 7 x Ableton FX Patches (Live 9.7.7)

Drum Hits:

  • 18 x Claps
  • 25 x Cymbals
  • 35 x Hats
  • 24 x Kicks
  • 24 x Percussion
  • 27 x Snares
  • 5 Custom Kits for Maschine 2 (2.7.8), Battery 4 (4.1.6), Kong (Reason 10.2), EXS24 (Logic 10.4.4), FPC (FL Studio 20.0.3) and Ableton Drum Rack (Live 9.7.7)
  • 6 x Sampler Formats for Kontakt (5.8.1), NN-XT (Reason 10.2), EXS24 (Logic 10.4.4) and Ableton Drum Rack (Live 9.7.7)

What's Inside

Drum Loops > Future leaning grooves and chilled-out beats. Tempo-synced and served with all constituent stems. Each drum loop is jam-packed with quality and character, ready to provide the rhythmic framework for your next beat-inspired production.

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 160 x 24-bit WAV files.

Drum Hits > Heavy kicks and sizzling hats, layered foley, and classic drum machine sounds - primed and ready for serious beat making. Served with custom kits and sampler formats for instant inspiration. diverse one-shot arsenal ready to breathe new life into your sampler. Comes packed with folders of drum hits (kicks, snares, cymbals, hats, percussion, and claps).

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 153 x 24-bit WAV files. 5 custom drum kits for Maschine 2, NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Battery // 4 sampler patches for NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Kontakt.

Music Kits > 10 of our expertly produced, programmed and mixed melodic songstarters ready to inject instant inspiration. Late night electronica clashes with underground club music to bring a collection of forward-leaning kits. All music loops are Key/tempo labelled and served with MIDI.

& Mix

Just Music Loops. 40 x 24-bit WAV Files // 33 x MIDI files.

Synth Loops > Detailed, organic pads and polyphonic work-outs. Keys loops, textural chords and modulating leads. All synth loops are served in 24-Bit WAV - key/tempo labeled to provide flexibility and ease of use in your DAW or sampler of choice.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 48 x 24-bit WAV files // 46 x MIDI files. 

Chord One-Shots > 20 expertly crafted and processed one shots to kick start your next future chill inspired production.

& Mix

Just Chord One-Shots. 35 x 24-bit WAV files.

Bass One-Shots > 36 grab bag selection of bass one-shots. Perfect for layering and processing in your own production.

& Mix

Just Bass One-Shots. 36 x 24-bit WAV files.

Bass Loops > Subby, boomin, and cone shaking bass explorations and sustained bass loops. All loops key-labeled throughout and served with MIDI as standard. 

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 30 x 24-bit WAV files // 30 x MIDI files. 

Top Loops > Layered percussion, shuffling shakers, found sound one-shots and more. 20 top loops for instant beat inspiration. 

& Mix

Just Top Loops. 20 x 24-bit WAV files.

FX Loops > White-noise risers, digital impacts and glistening crescendos.

& Mix

Just FX Loops. 20 x 24-bit WAV files.

FX One-Shots > Twisted fx, digital hits and glistening crescendos.

& Mix

Just FX One-Shots. 20 x 24-bit WAV files.