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Ableton Magic Racks: Multi FX Racks

Label: Sample Magic

Introducing Magic Racks: Multi FX Racks: a versatile collection of 5 expertly crafted and curated Ableton racks designed for both live and studio environments. Get to grips with meticulously configured FX processing with the most intuitive of macro controls. From delays and overdrives to filters and vintage emulations - Magic Racks: Multi FX Racks has been rigorously tried, tested and tweaked to offer incisive processing options with the simplest of controls for endless inspiration.

Each rack has been custom built to cater to the demands of modern electronic and multi-genred producers.

Built solely using Ableton’s native tools, each rack utilises complex and unique processing chains to offer highly flexible, powerful FX tools that will become indispensable for creating idiosyncratic and unique tools to alter your sound. Each rack comes with eight macro knobs to control custom multi-band compressors, parallel processing, saturation, reverbs, filters, delays and gates to optimise sessions for all genres of electronic music and beyond.

Ableton Magic Racks: Multi FX Racks - Booklet

Full Download $18.42 $5.53

Download contains:

  • 5 x Ableton Racks for Ableton Live 9.7.7 and Live 10.0.5
  • Digital booklet containing installation and operation instructions

Please note: These racks are compatible with Ableton Live Standard and Suite editions. Live 9.7.7 is required to run the Ableton 9 racks. Live 10.0.5 is required to run the Ableton 10 racks. The video example uses sounds from Sleazy Beats, Abstract Hip-Hop and Chillmatic.