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Future Beat 2

Label: Sample Magic

Analog sourced synths, quirky melodics and future inspired

Glistening synths, trap-inspired beats and forward-thinking production - Future Beat 2 includes a diverse selection of punchy drums, low slung bass, silken leads, analogue inspired pads sampled from an impressive array of hardware and digital gear. Covering the full spectrum of modern trap, footwork, hip-hop and future R&B, Future Beat 2 is packed with hundreds of expertly recorded loops, drum hits, one-shots and Ableton racks for the ultimate collection of instant inspiration.

Served in industry-standard 24-bit audio - Wav, Rex2, Apple Loops and Aif - and loaded with MIDI for melodic elements and one-shots for ground-up beat-making, Future Beat 2 is ready to work in all major DAWs.



FB2 - Ableton Instrument Racks

Masterfully sampled from vintage analog gear such as the Juno-6, Korg MS20 and more, use our multi-sampled Ableton Instrument racks to create your next bassline, chord progression or melody. These bespoke Simpler-based racks each boast over 60 samples per instrument over a 5 octave range (C0 to C5). Details below:

  • Swimming > Bright and rich, use this instrument to create stunning leads, fat basslines and deep pads with the filter, chorus, pitch and echo controls.
  • Wheelchair Racing > Add crystal-like bells, dark plucks and vintage keys to your soundscape with this instrument by adjusting the space, tremolo and distortion FX.
  • Subbuteo > Create ripping basslines and rising leads using this instrument. Rich and full of character, adjust the various FX controls to add space, tremolo and more.
  • Handball > Perfect for ambient atmospheres and deep subs, this simple but harmonious instrument is the perfect addition to your next Future Beat production.
  • Polo > Reminiscent of old 8-bit synths, this instrument can create deep and fluttering subbasses, solemn pads and noisy atmospheres. 
  • Underwater Hockey > Dirty, noisy and intense, this is your one-stop shop for a distorted lead or a filthy bassline.
  • Snowmobile Racing > Warm, wet and funky, use this instrument to create a slick bassline or push the filter envelope to max and turn it into a plucky lead synth.
  • Lacrosse > Plucky, detuned and eclectic, add a strange lead or arpeggio with this instrument. Try using “Bubbles” and “Pitch Env” control for extra weirdness. 
  • Parkour > Vintage and noisy, create rich sliding basslines and leads using this eclectic instrument.
  • Elephant Polo > Create gorgeous pads, noisy bells and lazy, bright leads using this versatile instrument rack.


FB2 - Drum Toolkit

This is a preconfigured Ableton Drum Rack with all the different types of drum hits loaded into Simpler units on each Drum Rack Pad. Use the dials to switch between different drum hits, adjust dynamics, add drive and carve away unwanted frequencies. Use this rack to easily swap, layer, contort endless variations on the same MIDI simply by changing a few controls. Find this in the "Drum Hits" Folder.

**Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.6 or later is required to run the Ableton racks. These racks are forward-compatible with Ableton 10.

Full Download $36.82

Download Contains:

  • 668 x 24-bit Wav files
  • 608 x 24-bit Aif files
  • 347 x Apple Loops
  • 347 x Rex2 files
  • 164 x MIDI files
  • 10 x Ableton Racks

Drum Hits:

  • 35 x Claps
  • 20 x Closed Hi-Hats
  • 20 x Cymbals
  • 35 x Kicks
  • 20 x Open Hi-Hats
  • 35 x Percussion
  • 35 x Snares
  • 5 Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
  • 5 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack

What's Inside

Drum Loops > Funk'd up beats, hip-hop rhythms, late-night beats and future facing grooves. 196 drum loops tempo-labelled and available with constituent stems for complete beat creation. 

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 196 x 24-bit Wav files // 196 x Apple Loops // 196 x Rex2 files.

Ableton Instrument Racks > A collection of 10 carefully tracked, curated and crafted Ableton Racks. From gritty basses, lush analog synths to dirty keys and deep pads, these Ableton Creative racks come equipped with Macros for complete creative control.

& Mix

Just Ableton Instrument Racks. 609 x AIF files // 10 x adg files.

Drum Hits > Crispy claps, subbed out kicks, hissing hats, crunchy percussion and layered hits.  A diverse collection ready to breathe new life into your sampler. Served with custom kits and sampler formats for instant inspiration.

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 195 x 24-bit Wav files // 5 custom drum kits for Maschine 2, NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Battery // 4 sampler patches for NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Kontakt.

Synth Loops >  Lo-fi leads, hazy chords, whimsical keys and wavy analogue tones. A collection of 104 of our best future inspired synth loops, all key-labeled and served with the associated MIDI loops.

& Mix

Just ASynth Loops. 104 x 24-bit Wav files // 104 x Apple Loops // 104 x Rex2 files // 104 x MIDI files.

Bass Loops > Subby melters, wavy low enders, dirty overdrivers and analogue goodness: 79 loops oozing with quality and character.  All served with associated MIDI loops.

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 87 x 24-bit Wav files // 87 x Apple Loops // 87 x Rex2 files // 87 x MIDI files.

Arp and Lead Loops > Quircky sequences, lo-fi leads and endless neon arpeggios and trippy toplines. 84 arp and lead loops served with associated MIDI loops.

& Mix

Just Arp & Lead Loops. 84 x 24-bit Wav files // 84 x Apple Loops // 84 x Rex2 files // 84 x MIDI files.

Keys Loops > fat analogue synths live and re-sampled soul and futuristic key loops. Key and tempo labelled between 110 140 and 160bpm.

& Mix

Just Keys Loops. 59 x 24-bit Wav files // 59 x Apple Loops // 59 x Rex2 files // 59 x MIDI files.

Vocal Loops > Future vox, cloud-trap pitched chops, quirky pitch, and processed toplines. 30 expertly crafted and curated vocal loops key and tempo labelled at 110, 140 and 160 BP<

& Mix

Just Vocal Loops. 30 x 24-bit Wav files // 30 x Apple Loops // 30 x Rex2 files.

Sample Loops > Vaporwave and chillwave sample loops with the right amount of pitch, processing and melting modulation. 14 tape sourced sample loops key and tempo labelled at 110, 140 and 160 bpm.

& Mix

Just Sample Loops Loops. 14 x 24-bit Wav files // 14 x Apple Loops // 14 x Rex2 files.

FX Loops > Quirky FX arps, spaced out synthesis, circuit bent loops and more! 33 FX loops primed for the perefect transition or layer. All loops are key and tempo labelled at 110, 140 and 160 bpm.

& Mix

Just FX Loops Loops. 33 x 24-bit Wav files // 33 x Apple Loops // 33 x Rex2 files.

FX Shots > Circuit-bent shots, de-sampled FX, squeals, squelches, sweeps and more...

& Mix

Just Vocal Loops. 30 x 24-bit Wav files.