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Half Step Bass

Label: Sample Magic

Quirky melodics, half-time beats and growling basslines...

Combining sonic experimentation on the fringes of Hip Hop, Future Beats, Dubstep and Drum & Bass - Half Step Bass delivers over 700MB of heavy-hitting low end, futuristic 2-Step beats, and quirky electronic melodies. Packed with hundreds of expertly recorded loops, drum hits, and MIDI, this collection serves up punchy drum loops, quirky melodics, funky percussion, techy synths, dub FX and vinyl noise to give your productions some XXL grit.

Loops are presented at tempos between 70 and 85bpm and melodic loops are key-labeled throughout and supplied with MIDI where possible.



Half Step Bass Instrument Racks

Editing Tools:

  • Bass / Synth Select > Switch between 50 bass and synth shots using this simple dial.
  • Filter > A 12-db low pass filter run through the PRD circuit. Warm your sound and tame harsh frequencies with ease.
  • Unstable > Add LFO filter and volume modulation to add instability and create further movement. Use this in tandem with the Filter and Intensity dials to create powerful, morphing textures.
  • Intensity > Dial up the intensity and add filter drive, filter envelope, resonance and stereo width to your sound in one simple control. (Note: The Simpler version of this rack lacks filter envelope control.)
  • ADSR > Use the Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release parameters to take control of the transient character of your audio and tailor it expertly to your production. 

Processing Tools:

  • Saturate > Dial in extra harmonics and squeeze your sound with our carefully crafted saturation module.
  • Tube > Use tube emulation to add extra body, warmth and low end saturation.
  • Crush > Tear apart your sound with our bit crusher module.
  • Chorus > Add subtle width or detuned madness to your sound with our custom chorus effect.
  • Colour > Dial in 3 different colour chains with our Colour module. Clean up your sound or add more intensity.
  • Press > Add some glue or flatten it out with parallel compression.
  • Room > Add short reverb tone to open up your sound and add an extra dimension.


Ableton Drum Toolkit

This is a preconfigured Ableton Drum Rack with all the different types of drum hits loaded into Simpler units on each Drum Rack Pad. Use the dials to switch between different drum hits, adjust dynamics, add drive and carve away unwanted frequencies. Use this rack to easily swap, layer, contort endless variations on the same MIDI simply by changing a few controls. Find this in the "Drum Hits" Folder.



As a bonus, we’ve included our bespoke Sample Magic FX Racks module. Featuring multiple distortion paths, low end and high end saturation, powerful compression, pultec-inspired EQ and delay and reverb all configured for parallel usage. Dive into each rack for a wealth of controls to tweak and sculpt your sound into perfection. Be warned, this rack can get CPU intense when all rack modules are in usage.

**Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.5 or later is required to run the Ableton racks. These racks are forward-compatible with Ableton 10. 

Full Download $18.51 $5.56

Download Contains:

  • 591 x 24 -bit Wav files
  • 310 x Apple Loops
  • 310 x Rex2 files
  • 90 x MIDI files
  • 4 x Ableton Racks

Drum Hits:

  • 20 x Hats
  • 40 x Kick
  • 23 x Percussion
  • 40 x Snares
  • 5 Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
  • 5 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 28 raw track-backing futuristic 2-Step beats punchy percussive rhythms, sharp floor shakers and dark grooves: all offered with a range of stripped variants for complex beat building.

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 140 x 24-bit Wav files // 140 x Apple Loops // 140 x Rex2 files.

Drum Hits > 123 finely crafted eclectic kicks, angry snares, cutting hats and layered percussion hits - each one passed through our all-analogue signal path for unparalleled warmth and air and served in an intuitive collection of grab-bag folders. A diverse collection ready to breathe new life into your sampler. Served with custom kits and sampler formats for instant inspiration.

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 123 x 24-bit Wav files // 5 custom drum kits for Maschine 2, NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Battery // 4 sampler patches for NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Kontakt.

Synth Loops > A killer cut of synth-spiration packed with savage leads, quirky electronic melodies, prowling hooks, and growling sequences. 50 synth loops key labelled and served with MIDI ready to give your productions some XXL grit

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 50 x 24-bit Wav files // 50 x Apple Loops // 50 x Rex2 files // 50 x MIDI files.

Bass Loops > From subbed-out melters and bouncy grimey low-end rollers to mid-range gnarl-fests: 40 bin-blitzing b-lines to shred the floor.

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 40 x 24-bit Wav files // 40 x Apple Loops // 40 x Rex2 files // 40 x MIDI files.

FX Loops > Blaring bleeps, syncopated synths, crushing dubstep drillers and drum floor filling D&B fx loops. 

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 50 x 24-bit Wav files // 50 x Apple Loops // 50 x Rex2 files.

Percussion Loops > An eclectic collection of hybrid tops, layered grooved and expertly processed percussion. The perfect grab bag of percussion loops to underpin the beat.

& Mix

Just Percussion Loops. 30 x 24-bit Wav files // 30 x Apple Loops // 30 x Rex2 files.

Bass Shots > From growling and grungy to modulated and mucky. 50 finely crafted bass one-shots curated into Ableton racks (sampler and simpler) with bonus FX rack for endless creativity and inspiration.

& Mix

Just Bass Shots. 50 x 24-bit Wav files // 5 x adg files.

Synth Shots > Buzzing and blaring synth sounds, huge complex one shots and electro inspired samples. 50 finely crafted synth one-shots curated into Ableton racks (sampler and simpler) with bonus FX rack for endless creativity and inspiration.

& Mix

Just Synth Shots. 50 x 24-bit Wav files // 5 x adg files.

FX Shots > Big room buzzers, white noise washers, atmospheric risers and sci-fi descenders.

& Mix

Just FX Shots. 25 x 24-bit Wav files.

Vinyl Noise > 33 dusty, dirty and crackling noise loops derived from a variety of vinyl and other various sources. The perfect folder to add dust to your production.

& Mix

Just Vinyl Noise. 50 x 24-bit Wav files.