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The Sound of Italo Disco

Label: Sample Magic

80's neon-tinged melodics, retro electro and hi-nrg inspired production...

Drawing influence from a variety of classic genres such as Hi-NRG, Synthpop and New Wave, The Sound of Italo Disco serves up 500MB+ of retro machine rhythms, post-disco melodics, neon-tinged synths and hedonistic euro-pop stylings. Packed with hundreds of expertly recorded loops, one-shots, MIDI, Spire Presets and Ableton racks - The Sound of Italo Disco is an authentic homage to a genre in the midst of an influential revival.

Loops are presented at 115 or 123bpm and all loops are tempo-synced and key-labeled where appropriate.



Sound of Italo Disco Chord Instrument Rack

Editing Tools:

  • Chord Select > Switch between 20 chord shots using this simple dial.
  • Intensity > Dial up the intensity and add filter drive, filter envelope, resonance and stereo width to your sound in one simple control. (Note: The Simpler version of this rack lacks filter envelope control.)
  • Filter > A 12-db low pass filter run through the PRD circuit. Sculpt your sound and tame harsh frequencies with ease.
  • Tune > Adjust the pitch by +/- 50 cent increments using the tuning dial to ensure your synth sample matches perfectly with the rest of your materials.
  • ADSR > Use the Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release parameters to take control of the transient character of your audio and tailor it expertly to your production. 


Sound of Italo Disco Chord Instrument FX Rack

Processing Tools:

  • HPF / LPF > Use these 2-pole clean filters to morph your sound to perfection.
  • PP EQ > Use our EQ rack to instantly carve out mud and dial up the intensity using simple controls.
  • Warmth > Add subtle warmth to your sound with this easy to use saturation and compression rack. 
  • Spatial > Instantly dial width and thickness with our 4 different width processors. Try using them individually or adding them together to create your own custom stereo effect.
  • Echo > Add some bounce and flutter to your sound with our simple and effective filtered delay line.
  • Room > Use our new Room module to add some reverb to your sound with our two carefully crafted reverb units.


Sound of Italo Disco Chord Drum Toolkit Rack

This is a preconfigured Ableton Drum Rack with all the different types of drum hits loaded into Simpler units on each Drum Rack Pad. Use the dials to switch between different drum hits, adjust dynamics, add drive and carve away unwanted frequencies. Use this rack to easily swap, layer, contort endless variations on the same MIDI simply by changing a few controls. Find this in the "Drum Hits" Folder.

**Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.5 or later is required to run the Ableton racks.

Full Download $18.34 $11.00

Download Contains:

  • 461 x 24 -bit Wav files
  • 207 x Apple Loops
  • 207 x Rex2 files
  • 95 x MIDI files
  • 2 x Ableton Racks
  • 20 x Reveal Sound Spire presets

Drum Hits:

  • 24 x Claps
  • 15 x Cymbals
  • 30 x Hi-Hats
  • 36 x Kicks
  • 40 x Percussion
  • 40 x Snares
  • 37 x Toms
  • 5 Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
  • 5 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack

What's Inside

Music Loops > 10 song-starters full of inspiration and melodic content. Each folder contains a full mix and all broken-out stems so you can build and break arrangements with ease. Files are key-labeled throughout and MIDI versions ensures maximum creative freedom.

& Mix

Just Inspiration Loops. 55 x 24-bit Wav files // 55 x Apple Loops // 55 x Rex2 files // 45 x MIDI files.

Drum Hits > Classic machine drum hits. All processed and resampled using classic gear like the Linn Drum LM2, Ensoniq EPS, and Oberheim DX, Kawai R15 and more. Diverse one-shot arsenal ready to breathe new life into your sampler. Comes packed with folders of drum hits (claps, cymbal, hi-hats, kicks, percussion, snares and toms)

& Mix

Just Drum Hits. 222 x 24-bit Wav files // 5 custom drum kits for Maschine 2, NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Battery // 5 sampler patches for NN-XT, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack and Kontakt.

Drum Loops > 32 80s rhythmbox beats crafted from assorted classic hardware from the likes of Roland, Akai, Ensoniq, Kawai and more! Each beat comes with constituent stems as standard for instant mix-and-match control.

& Mix

Just Drum Loops. 82 x 24-bit Wav files // 82 x Apple Loops // 82 x Rex2 files.

Spire Presets > A collection of slinky DX-7 basslines, modulating Moroder-eqsue arpeggios, soaring synthesizer leads all primed for Spire.

 **Please note: Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.13 or above is required to run the presets.

& Mix

Just Spire Presets. 20 x spf files // 1 x sbf file.

Synth Loops > Bright keys, buzzy leads, retro chord progressions, pop-laced leads lines and more: 30 melodic ideas built to inspire. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions.

& Mix

Just Synth Loops. 30 x 24-bit Wav files // 30 x Apple Loops // 30 x Rex2 files // 30 x MIDI files.

Bass Loops > 80s arpeggiators, euro-inspired sequences, and funk-flexed licks - key-labeled and served with MIDI as standard.

& Mix

Just Bass Loops. 20 x 24-bit Wav files // 210 x Apple Loops // 20 x Rex2 files // 20 x MIDI files.

Chord One Shots > Digi chords, glassy FM stabs, retro synth shots and more.  Chord one-shots come with Ableton racks for extra control and creative freedom.

& Mix

Just Chord One-Shots. 20 x 24-bit Wav files // 2 x Ableton adg racks.

Drum Fills >Essential selection retro styled toms, layered linns, and gated fills. These retro drum fills are the perfect tool to take your drum production to the next level.

& Mix

Just Drum Fills. 20 x 24-bit Wav files // 20 x Apple Loops // 20 x Rex2 files.

FX Shots > A collection of retro old school FX, revered drenched hits, sci-fi tones and 80's influenced drones.

& Mix

Just FX Shots. 12 x 24-bit Wav files.