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808 Bass Shots

Label: Sample Magic

Knockin' 808 inspired bass shots...

SM101 808 Bass Shots delivers a collection of 101 expertly crafted and processed 24-Bit Wav samples custom curated into Ableton racks. From deep and dark to hard and heavy, 808 Bass Shots is bursting with high-quality production that works seamlessly in all styles of production such as Trap, future R&B, and Hip-Hop. As a bonus, we have included serum presets for complete control and creative freedom.


Heavy and Main Ableton Racks:

808 Bass Shots Instrument Racks

Editing Tools: 

  • Heavy / Main Select > Switch between 15 Heavy and 62 Main 808 sounds using this simple dial in each respective rack.
  • Intensity > Add filter drive and stereo width to your sound in one simple control. Use subtlety for added warmth or max it out and tear apart your sound using the MS2 circuit.
  • Filter > A 24-db low pass filter run through the MS2 circuit. Use in combination with the Pluck & Intensity dials to control and contort your sound.
  • Pluck > Filter envelope and resonance in one dial. Use in tandem with the ADS controls to add movement to your sound.
  • ADS > Use the Attack, Decay & Sustain parameters to take control of the transient character of your audio and tailor it expertly to your production.
  • Tune > Adjust the pitch by +/- 50 cent increments using the tuning dial to ensure your synth sample matches perfectly with the rest of your materials.

FX Processing Ableton Racks:  

808 Bass Shots FX Racks

Processing Tools: 

  • Filter > Add some depth, colour and width to your sound with our new Filter Rack. This rack contains 4 different filter racks, giving you an array of subtle, warm, airy and distorted tones to choose from.
  • Deepen > Dial in the deepen macro to add an extra dimension to your low end. This rack contains 4 different bass enhancers for maximum low-end impact, each of which can be adjusted to taste.
  • Excite > Add a touch of sparkle and detail to your samples with this easy to use Exciter module. Open up the Excite module to dial in 4 different excitement modes for even more control.
  • Dirt > Dial in for instant distortion, beefing up your sound with maximum grit. Add a slight amount for some thickness & character, or go full throttle to tear your sound apart with 6 different distortion FX units.
  • PP EQ > Use our EQ rack to instantly carve away mud, add gloss, sheen and roundness using simple controls.
  • Squeeze > Featuring 3 different compression types, the Squeeze rack allows you to layer multiple compressors in parallel for “New York” compression on steroids. Use this rack to add loudness and fatten up your sounds for maximal sonic impact.
  • Reverb > Add instant reverb or dive into the rack further and create your own custom reverb tail with our 4 different reverb chains.


**Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.5 or later is required to run the Ableton racks.The demo contains samples from Future Electronica 1 and 2, Future Soul 1 and 2Chilled Trap and Soulful Trap.

Full Download $16.98

Download Contains:

  • 101 x 24 -bit Wav files
  • 2 x Ableton Racks
  • 11 x Xfer Serum Presets