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Efficient Bass: Arturia V Collection Patches

Label: Sample Magic

In bass we trust...

Bass is one of the most important elements of modern music production, and the quality of a song’s low end can make or break the track. Arturia is here to save the day. The Efficient Bass sound pack contains 32 highly usable bass sounds created by Sample

You won’t find any niche, specialist patches here, just wall to wall solid, usable bass sounds. Whether you need a thick, floor-filling bass to sidechain in your mix, or a harmonically rich bass that will translate well to the radio, Efficient Basses gives you all the sonic tools you need to flesh out the low end of your tracks. Making full use of the tone-shaping power of Mini V and SEM V, you’ll never worry about your track’s bottom end again.Thanks to Efficient Basses, your tracks will have the power they deserve.

Full Download $6.42

Download Contains:

  • 16 x Arturia SEM V Patches
  • 16 x Arturia Mini V Patches
*Please Note: Arturia Collection V5 or above is required to run these patches.