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Alarms & Sirens

Label: ShamanStems

ALERT! This is not a drill! Incoming alarms, sirens and pitch-bent SFX from the ShamanStems lab.

Real life recordings of emergency vehicles and warning sirens, synthesized alerts, analogue, digital, funny and organic, moody and extreme, this pack contain all your alarm needs. 

The sounds have been created using an array of high-end analogue semi modular and desktop synths, Yamaha FM workhorses, wind instruments, ribbon controllers and field recording manipulations.

Inside you will discover: 23 field recorded emergency alarms, sirens, train horns, warnings and many more, 58 synthesized emergency alarms, created as closely as possible to their real-life counterparts, presented as wet - processed with carefully tuned convolution reverb set to nuclear reactor or stadium impulse responses for immersive realism and depth - and dry variants as well.

The Up and Down folder does exactly what it says on the box, guaranteed hair-raising experience: 19 Wet,19 Dry.

61 Extreme and Damaged, where LFO madness is ensured via all-analog modulations and intricate patching.

81 SciFi and Synthish: perfect for Dub, Drum and Bass, Techno and House as well as film and game sound design.

The Pitchbent and Moody sounds will surely bring a touch of mystery and uneasiness to your projects: 48 Wet, 48 Dry.

Organic and Nature folder contains processed and live flutes, cavals, xaphoons, harmonicas, nays, animal sounds, the majority of them treated with convolution reverb and presented as dry and wet versions.

42 Funny and Cartoonish for those who enjoy a bit of humour. To wrap things up, the 48 Short alarms can come in handy more often than not.

Full Download $16.88

Download contains:

  • 485 x 24-bit WAV

What's Inside