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Underground Dubstep

Deep, dark and immersive dubstep.

Inspired by the dystopian depths of south London comes Underground Dubstep: 400MB+ of intricate 2-step rhythms, brooding bass, murky melodics, heavy atmospheres, mournful vocals and more.

Eschewing the mainroom, Underground Dubstep goes back to the genre's deeper, darker and more atmospheric roots to deliver 100s of dubby grooves, heady broken beats, burly basslines, Detroit-esque chords, sensual synths and ghostly vocals for dubstep and electronica productions.

What's Inside

Drum Loops > Punchy percussive rhythms, sharp floorshakers and dark grooves: all offered with a range of stripped variants for complex beat buidling.


Just Drum Loops. 95 x Wav loops.

Bass Loops > Punishing sub pulses, LFO wobblers and analogue raspers - all key-labeled for your convenience.


Just Bass Loops. 30 x Wav loops.

Music Loops > Visceral synths, leaden leads and poignant progressions: 31 emotive songstarters.


Just Music Loops. 31 x Wav loops

Atmospheres > Submerged soundscapes, tentative textures, reclusive moods and oppressive atmospheres, all key-labeled where appropriate.


Just Atmospheres. 24 x Wav loops.

Vocals > Sorrowful and cinematic pitched vocal cuts served at 140bpm.


Just Vocal Loops. 10 x Wav loops.

FX > dubbed-out delays, static hisses and abrasive elements to fill out the mix.


Just FX Loops. 15 x Wav loops.

Drum Hits & One-Shots > Chunky kicks, reverb-slapped snares, cacophonous claps and assorted tribal and analogue percussive hits for custom beat creation, plus a selection of full-fat and analogue-induced synth and bass hits.


Just Drum Hits & One-Shots. 229 x Wav one-shots.

Full Download $24.69

Download contains:

  • 205 x 24-bit Wav loops
  • 224 x 24-bit Wav one-shots
  • Reason Refill