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Ultimate Ableton Synth Collection

A collection of 10 immaculately sampled instruments for Ableton Live

We've bundled together 10 of our most popular Ableton instruments into one ultimate collection. Featuring powerful bass synths, glistening FM tones, lush old-school chords, classic analogue drums and much more, all packaged together in Ableton's familiar Racks. And when you buy them all together, you get over 40% off! It's the ultimate Ableton synth collection for bass, leads, pads, chords, drums and more.

$223.96 $132.51

What's Inside

Ableton Bass Intruments

From the distinctive acid of the TB-303 to the bouncing subs of the TR-808, the complex Moog Voyager and Korg MS-20 to old school reeses and vintage FM swells, this diverse pack offers instant pan-genre bass inspiration that can be jammed, tweaked and automated in almost endless permutations to fit any track.

Ableton Classic Synth Sounds

A fully-functional synth rack dedicated to the warm analogue sound of yesteryear. Over 105 monophonic synths have been multi-mapped and programmed with custom macros, filters and FX in a two-tier Ableton rack creating a one-stop shop for synthesised bass sounds for a variety of genres.

Ableton FM Rack

Powerful FM sound-generation integrated into an intuitive Ableton Rack, ‘FM Racks’ puts deep glassy pads, pumping italo bass licks, searing vibrato leads and much more into a sequencer friendly solution. Consisting of over 127 unique multi-sampled FM patches and a top-level FX rack combine analogue-modelling chorus and delays with an expertly curated selection of iconic FM patches.

Ableton Instrument Racks 

Comprising five vital instrument racks for dance music production - bass, lead, kick, snare and hi-hat - each rack comes loaded with 64 unique sample-based patches alongside 8 intuitive and intelligent macro controls to give you a comprehensive production toolkit for almost every genre of electronic music.

Ableton Synth Instruments 

Each rack contains eight macros, covering everything from oscillator blending and envelope shaping through to complex signal chains containing reverb, delays and distortion. The macros have all been designed to work together to offer maximum sound shaping potential and creative freedom to get truly unique melodic sounds.

Ableton Synth Rack

127 hardware-sourced presets optimised for Ableton in an intuitive rack format with customised filters, envelopes and processing. Thick SH-101 styled bass, lush Juno-60 pads, glassy Mono/Poly stabs and roaring SH-09 funk leads.

Ableton Chord Rack

Expertly sampled from a host of classic synths - think Roland Juno 60, Jupiter-6 and Yamaha DX-7 - the latest instalment of our Ableton Racks series serves up 127 authentic hardware-sourced chord stabs inside a custom rack instrument complete with comprehensive macro controls for powerful melodic creativity.

Ableton Drum Instruments 

Designed as a powerful tool for all your synth drum needs, each drum instrument has been expertly created to offer maximum creative possibilities across all genres. Each one comes with 8 custom macro controls for everything from sound shaping and tuning to FX processing and mixing.

Ableton Bass Rack

Expertly sampled from a host of classic hardware - including the Roland SH101, Juno 60 and Prophet Pro-One - the latest edition of our Ableton Racks series serves up 127 bonafide analogue bass sounds inside a custom rack instrument packed with comprehensive macro controls for the ultimate bass response.

Ableton Analogue Drum Racks

Designed as a go-to tool for all your synth drum needs, all of the drum hits have been sculpted from a host of hardware classics including the Arp 2600, Moog Minitaur, EMS VCS3, Roland SH-101 and Juno-60 - then additionally processed through a high-end chain including the Roland RE201 Space Echo.