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Detroit Chords - Synth Samples & Patches

Label: ModeAudio

‘Detroit Chords - Synth Samples & Patches’ gives you unrestricted access to ModeAudio’s 1.35GB personal vault of Deep House synth chord magic - from smooth electric pianos, whirring organs, phat analog synths, gritty bass synths and more, the 130 instruments included in this library are all enriched with that warm, dusty sound that we’ve all come to know as so unmistakably Detroit!

Created from an arsenal of 1,612 lovingly sampled, edited and processed synth recordings, these instruments provide a wealth of classic Detroit chord flavours from jazzy minor 9, major 7 and spacious add 9 chords to multiple inversions, whacky add 11s and far beyond.

Each of the chord patches is also provided in a plainer 5ths version, allowing you to build up your own harmonies with our expertly produced synth sounds.

20 bass instruments and 10 synth pad patches accompany the chords, providing a full palette of melodic tools for your sound design pleasure, all fully playable and spread across 3 octaves of your keyboard. 

With sustain points carefully mapped out also, you’re free to hold the chord for as long, or as little as you like!

5 custom channel strips complete the library, throwing up instant processing options for all the chords, bass and pad goodness - there’s nothing left to do but strap on your roller skates and pick up ‘Detroit Chords - Synth Samples & Patches’ today!

*Please make sure you've updated to Reason 8 or newer to use these presets

*Please make sure you've updated to Live 9.6.1 or newer to use these presets

Full Download $31.45

Download contains:

  • 1612 x 24-bit WAV
  • Reason Refill Instruments
  • Ableton Live Racks
  • Logic Template + Instruments


What's Inside