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Ultimate FX 2

Label: Sample Magic

1.4GB of prime dancefloor FX for all electronic genres.

The highly requested second volume to an undoubted Sample Magic classic, packed with 1.4GB of meticulously programmed FX tools for dance music and soundtrack production.  

Bursting with 800+ tempo-synced loops and single hits, Ultimate FX 2 is an incendiary collection of atomic impacts, vast sweeps, towering risers, near infinite falls, massive bombs, tweaked cymbals, freaked drum fills, twisted synths and otherworldly atmospheres primed to ignite almost any genre of electronic music.

Building on the sonic standard set by the original, this second edition ups the dancefloor ante with bigger, bolder and more detailed sounds painstakingly sculpted in stunning 24-bit quality to maximise tension and euphoria - whatever the genre. 

Full Download $43.14

Download contains:

  • 813 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 453 x Apple Loops
  • 453 x Rex2 Loops
  • 453 x Stylus RMX Loops
  • EXS24, HALion, Kontakt 3 and NN-XT sampler patches and digital booklet.


What's Inside

Risers & Lifters > 100+ peaktime sweeps, epic risers, tension-teasing swells and palpitation-inducing winders to work the floor.  Divided into 128 and 140bpm folders for instant drag and drop action. With loops at 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 bars in length it's easy to find the sound you need.

& Mix

Just Risers & Lifters. Contains: 108 Wav loops // 108 Rex2 loops // 108 Apple Loops.

Falls & Descenders > 100+ downshifters, drops and descenders to shift the tempo: sonic sliders, esoteric gliders and white-noise divers to load and layer.

& Mix

Just Falls & Descenders. Contains: 106 Wav loops // 106 Rex2 loops // 106 Apple Loops.

Drum Fills > Stacked archive of processed beat-bounty including Funky Fills (packed with old-school live kit hits), Glitch Fills (twisted synthetic rhythms) and Heavy fills (dirty and driving drum machinery). Offered at 128 and 140bpm.

& Mix

Just Drum Fills. Contains: 119 Wav loops // 119 Rex2 loops // 119 Apple Loops.

Impacts & Bombs > Massive impacts, booms and bombs sculpted for apocalyptic cone-cracking impacts.

& Mix

Just Impacts & Bombs. Contains: 45 Wav one-shots.

Atmospheres > 22 claustrophobic soundscapes, esoteric drones and forbidding ambiences primed for film, game and music production.

& Mix

Just Atmospheres. Contains: 22 Wav loops // 22 Rex2 loops // 22 Apple Loops.

Dust & Air Loops > Inner city ambiences, organic soundscapes, vinyl crackles, and other found-sound foley to breathe life into the mix.

& Mix

Just Dust & Air Loops. Contains: 38 Wav loops // 38 Rex2 loops // 38 Apple Loops.

Synth FX > Vast stockpile of all-analogue synth shots, chords and reverses (tonal, atonal and breath) for the ultimate big-room stabs and melodic motifs.

& Mix

Just Synth FX. Contains: 165 Wav one-shots.

Noise & Dirt One-Shots > Analogue artefacts, digital dirt and scrambled signals: 150 short circuit-bent explorations perfect for glitch and minimal percussion.

& Mix

Just Noise & Dirt One-Shots. Contains: 150 Wav one-shots.

Cymbal FX > Choice selection of hi-hats, splashes and huge tempo-synced crashes to sprinkle sonic spice on your beats.

& Mix

Just Cymbal FX. Contains: 60 Wav loops // 60 Rex2 loops // 60 Apple Loops.