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Found Sound 2 - Junk & Trash

Label: ShamanStems

They say that another man’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Well the ShamanStems team is now unraveling a treasure trove of trash.

The crew have scoured through abandoned fields, industrial areas, slums, construction sites and forests (of all places) to find and record junk ranging from broken TVs and PCs to car parts, construction materials, glasswork or just every-day items not thrown away in specially designated places by a ‘select-many’ careless individuals.

After months of successfully dodging stray dogs, wild boars, hornets and other ghastly creatures and staying clear of shards, shrapnel ,stings and cuts , they have narrowed down the bulk of the recordings to 420 + single hits structured into ambience, metal, glass and ceramics, rock and construction, wood and paper, plastic and mixed folders. The sounds range from short to complex, a number of them additionally possessing rhythmical nuances.

The team is now employing an ongoing forest cleanup in their neighboring areas and strongly discourages littering.

Note: The demo uses kicks, snares and synthloops not present in this pack.

Full Download $7.97

Download contains:

  • 426 x 24-bit WAV