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Making classic breaks - in the box

How do you get the raw retro sound of classic vintage breaks like Amen with no more than a handful of plugins? Young Punx frontman Hal Ritson profiles his go-to techniques

The Journal

The Vintage Breaks Studio

Step back in time with Hal Ritson and Alex Reeves as we get the engineer's perspective on the recording of Vintage Breaks 3.

The Journal

5 tips for a faster workflow

Time in the studio is precious, so make the most of it with our five top tips to increase efficiency and productivity.


The Production Academy

Introducing the indespensible five-day music recording and production course based on the Production Manual by Paul White.


Breaks Bundle

Save 15% on our Breaks bundles, exclusively available here on the SM website.

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Breaks Bundle

Breakbusters, Vintage Breaks & Tech-Funk Breaks.

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