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Future Music "[The loops] bristle with character. It's vintage, but with the added bonus of being brought bang up-to-date with some expert tweaking and circuit-bending."

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Analogue Techno

Tough techno from the analogue realm.

Raw, deep and sexy analogue techno tools tweaked and freaked for underground dancefloors worldwide.

Weighing in at over 800MB of 24-bit royalty-free loops, Analogue Techno comes dripping with the character and soul of hardware synth lines, jackin' ruff-house beats, dirty basslines, deep dubbed-out chords, FX-heavy vox loops, degraded textures and more crafted from an enviable selection of the finest analogue synths and outboard units.

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 195 gritty underground grooves stacked with distortion-heavy kicks, decaying snares, mechanical hats and reworked percussion hits.  Instant floor-pounding inspiration.


Just Drum Loops. 195 x Wav Loops // 195 x Apple Loops // 195 x Rex2 Loops.

Synth Loops > Circuit-bent tones, wonky arpeggios and sleazy leads: 77 analogue excursions on crafted on slew of hardware classics.


Just Synth Loops. 77 x Wav Loops // 77 x Apple Loops // 77 x Rex2 Loops.

Bass Loops > 64 low-end monsters oozing with sub energy and warm harmonics.


Just Bass Loops. 64 x Wav Loops // 64 x Apple Loops // 64 x Rex2 Loops.

Chord Loops > Deep and dubby melodic melters: 74 expansive and atmospheric chord progressions inspired by Detroit.


Just Chord Loops. 74 x Wav Loops // 74 x Apple Loops // 74 x Rex2 Loops.

Vox Loops > Weird and warped vox siphoned direct from the urban malaise.  All-original vocal loops uniquely memorable in their own right.


Just Vox Loops. 31 x Wav Loops // 31 x Apple Loops // 31 x Rex2 Loops.

FX Loops > Assorted crackles, hisses and hums to inject the mix with analogue impurities.


Just FX Loops. 20 x Wav Loops // 20 x Apple Loops // 20 x Rex2 Loops.

Atmospheres > 20 tempo-synced swells, strings and soundscapes to add tension and emotion.


Just Atmospheres. 20 x Wav Loops // 20 x Apple Loops // 20 x Rex2 Loops.

Hat  Loops > A choice cut of drum machine hi-hat lines laced with distinctive mechanical grooves.


Just Hat Loops. 20 x Wav Loops // 20 x Apple Loops // 20 x Rex2 Loops.

Drum Hits > 170 layered kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits for rough-and-ready beat creation.


Just Drum Hits. 170 x Wav one-shots.

Full Download £16.90

Download contains:

  • 418 x 24-bit Wav loops
  • 171 x 24-bit Wav one-shots
  • 418 x Apple Loops
  • 418 x Rex2 Loops